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Crossword Champ Pro November 2 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 2 2022 Answers:

Titter TEHEE
Composer Novello IVOR
Hasty escape LAM
In a chair SEATED
More uncompromising STERNER
Cocktail hour assortment DIPS
100 yrs briefly CEN
Pierre ___ Trudeau ELLIOTT
Wife of Sir Geraint in Arthurian romance ENID
Mishmash OLIO
Yellowfin on a menu AHI
Esoteric ARCANE
Birds or trees ARAS
NYSE code for Sara Lee SLE
Lone Star State sch UTEP
Fork or knife for example UTENSIL
Tootsie Garr of TERI
Churchill’s title SIR
Thin short-sleeved shirts TEES
Radioactive gaseous element RADON
Speechify ORATE
NBA’s Robertson and Thurmond NATES
Fairy tale starter ONCE
Unpleasant party guest CRAB
Disallows BANS
Stickers BURS
Dwarf buffalo ANOA
Criminal charge RAP
Itsy-bitsy bits IOTAS
Start of a giggle TEE
Stimpy’s TV pal REN
____ agent (2 wds) REALESTATE
Morales of film ESAI
Org affected by Title IX NCAA
Gadget that removes the middle of an apple CORER
Membership list ROTA
Small salmon: Var COHOE
PC bailout ESC
Render solid CONSOLIDATE
Desi’s partner LUCILLE
Kind of battery AAA
1974 Mocedades hit whose English version is titled Touch the Wind ERESTU
Federal retirement org SSA
Jordanian queen in the 70’s ALIA
Name for Athena ALEA
Mexican fast food order TACO
Word with hygiene or vaccine ORAL
Vendor’s aim (2 wds) ASALE
Pen name of writer J Schopfer ANET
White-spotted rodent PACA
Type size PICA
Ward off AVERT
Having to do with CONCERNING
Portfolio part in brief IRA
Gone wrong AMISS
Digs of twigs NEST
Pulitzer-winning biographer Leon EDEL
Behold to Pilate ECCE
Kind of prize DOOR
River to Donegal Bay ERNE
*Cigarette ad claim LESSTAR
Divide or separate SPLIT
___-fi movie SCI
Some marine herds PODS
Capital with the Potala Palace LHASA
Sassy PERT
One of the Gallos ERNEST
Actress Jennifer of Pride and Prejudice EHLE
Rosen Enterprises and Service Games merged in 1965 SEGA
Very in Versailles TRES
Cycle starter UNI
Uninvited guest
Heater GUN
USSR successor CIS
Pal of Harry and Hermione RON
Holding areas for newcomers? UTERI
Vessel’s water holder maybe BILGE
Give in to gravity SAG
Hideaways NESTS
Grazing sites LEAS


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