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Crossword Champ Premium November 2 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium November 2 2022 Answers:

Rows one above another TIER
Poet laureate of 1692 TATE
Nordstrom rival SAKS
Star Wars character YODA
Sounds in pounds YAPS
Kind of arch OGEE
Commercials ADS
Land document DEED
Defies DARES
Fictional race of the distant future ELOI
Alternative to ‘Aeon’ EON
Tremble DODDER
A whole lot MUCH
Most insane MADDEST
Beekeeper played by Fonda ULEE
Seagulls COBS
Eight in Paris HUIT
Like mellower wines AGED
Knock for ___ ALOOP
Terza rima eg POEM
Felipe Jesus Moises or Matty of baseball ALOU
Pod vegetables PEAS
Sonata section RONDO
Actress Mazar DEBI
But to Brutus SED
Architect IM PEI
Jim Bakker’s TV ministry PTL
Regret feeler RUER
See 38-Down ROR
Creative ARTY
Knockout count TEN
Relayed a skill TAUGHT
Puts into piles SORTS
Scatter STREW
One of a pair of prophets mentioned in the Book of Numbers ELDAD
Honoree’s spot DAIS
___ to Run (Springsteen song) BORN
U S pioneer BOONE
San Jose Sharks Patrick MARLEAU
(Trade center) MART
Et ___: and others ALII
Scheme trick RUSE
Part of a barn MOW
Champagne name MOET
Imaginative creation ART
Classic board game RISK
Art colony in NM TAOS
Possessive phrase in Le Havre ALUI
One-room home IGLOO
Open tract LEA
Others to Ovid ALIA
Daytimes (Abbr) AMS
Greet the day RISE
Luster SHEEN
Least hopping DEADEST
Like some colonies APIAN
Account records: Abbr RCTS
French vineyard CRU
City near Phoenix TEMPE
Like the pointed end of a pencil TAPERED
Bagpipe sound SKIRL
__-serif (type style) SANS
Plains Indian of the southwest KIOWA
Outlying FAR
Supplied FED
And what ___ rare as a day in June? ISSO
Wild revelry SATURNALIA
Beginning ONSET
Northernmost Japanese AINU
___ arate: distinct elements SEP
Sibling SIS
___ Mistress (1982 horror film) SATANS
Carrier in the Star Alliance SAS
15 divs on old maps SSRS
Yule beverage NOG
Jazz and member SIDEMAN
Fashion STYLE
Human being MAN
Bacterial toxin illness that may be fatal (abbr) TSS
Gym wear SWEATS
Artist’s workroom ATELIER
Student monitors for short RAS
Japanese soup MISO


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