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Crossword Champ Daily November 2 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Daily November 2 2022 Answers:

One tending to a sprain perhaps ICER
Driver’s acronym CAA
Depend RELY
They may happen IFS
Produced and discharged EMITTED
Steps in the batter’s box ISUP
More than fresh INSOLENT
Leg parts SHINS
Certify as a college ACCREDIT
Mideastern inn SERAI
Angle unit in math RADIAN
Midpoint CENTER
Pedicure concern TOENAIL
Antlered animal ELK
Riddle-me-___ REE
SF summer hours PDT
Fr-Louisiana tongue CREOLE
Amount held by a tablespoon TBSP
Put ___ (employed) TOUSE
Sources of ruin BANES
City in Saxony STADT
Notable period ERA
Plant problem EDEMA
Celestial altar ARA
___ out a living EKE
Cowboy cinema OATER
River down south SABINE
1980s-’90s heavyweight champ TYSON
A Supreme ROSS
Position STEAD
Do something that’s below one’s dignity DEIGN
Water nymph NAIAD
Merriment GLEE
PC monitor choice CRT
Not loved UNADORED
Middle man in the NFL CTR
___ Department REC
Memorable American caricaturist REA
Alan Diane or Cheryl LADD
Bonus spot in Scrabble (abbr) TLS
Soft & ___ (Dial brand) DRI
Human physiques (slang) BODS
___jay at the club DEE
Little giggle (2 words) TEEHEE
But to Claudius SED
Sloping on all sides as a roof HIPPED
Prefix meaning half SEMI
__ live and breathe! ASI
British Isles component EIRE
What a jib is on a ship SAIL
Place to lounge PATIO
Mountain nymph OREAD
Notability FAME
Dragsters’ grp NHRA
Cause of grimacing PAIN
Ornamental vessel URN
Suffix in the highest qualities EST
Get outta here! SCAT
Faure or Wiesel ELIE
(Abbreviation in an address) POB


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