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Crossword Champ Daily November 3 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Daily November 3 2022 Answers:

Water-dispensing device TAP
Fourth dimension TIME
Son of Venus AMOR
Wide view PANORAMA
Plant with showy yellow flowers SENNA
Crystalline amino acid SERINE
Sister of Orestes ELECTRA
Pilfer NIM
Groovy! HIP
Silky-fleeced llama relative ALPACA
Secret org NSA
Sporting org NCAA
Earthworm habitat SOIL
‘Judith” composer ARNE
__ Believer: ’60s hit IMA
Eero Saarinen’s architect father ELIEL
___ anglais (English horn) COR
Day of the week WEDS
Chart anew REMAP
Scot’s own AIN
Suggestive EROTIC
(Armed with claws) TALONED
Steamed dish TAMALE
Country singer Martina MCBRIDE
Deliver a tirade RANT
Infrequent: (abbr) OCC
Casino workers DEALERS
Narc’s org DEA
Yellow’s pair of letters ELS
Part of a TV set SCR
Devil with ___ Dress On ABLUE
(Summer refreshment drink) LEMONADE
Parisian article UNE
Long long time EON
Muppet who speaks in a falsetto ELMO
Frustrated outburst ACK
Sparrow hawk KESTREL
Gambling haven RENO
Stretch position in yoga ASANA
Ferdinand’s kingdom ARAGON
Course of treatment REGIMEN
Use mouthwash GARGLE
Time span ERA
Alaskan islander ALEUT
Javanese vehicle SADO
Footless APODAL
Pothers ADOS
Cannikin PAIL
— it would seem’ ORSO
Channel TRENCH
Horse fly CLEG
Be undecided HANG
___ es Salaam DAR
Mathematician Cantor who founded set theory GEORG
Umenyiora of football OSI
Taking after ALA
(P___on) OIS
Common black European thrush OUSEL
Dragon’s or lion’s home DEN
___ -mo camera SLO
One-point Scrabble piece NTILE
Pudding or omelet ingredient EGG


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