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Crossword Champ Premium November 3 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium November 3 2022 Answers:

Get tats INKUP
Spanish beaches PLAYAS
Holbrook or Prince HAL
Challenges DARES
Welcome mat locale DOORSTEP
Small amount DRIB
Disrespect in slang DISS
Creative work ART
Impose FOIST
Mil tactical units DIVS
Linux system DISTRO
Not to mention LETALONE
Quartz varieties AGATES
Sequel to Angela’s Ashes TIS
Third day of the wk TUE
(Needle-nosed fishes) GARS
Metal plate used to strengthen a joist GUSSET
Greek sandwich GYRO
Literary stopping place EBOLI
Helped get through with ‘over’ TIDED
Presents TODAYS
A Pure Woman of an 1891 novel TESS
Jim Davis pooch ODIE
Malicious gossip DIRT
Russian’s refusal NYET
Headland NAZE
Drill part BIT
Car’s wheel in Britain TYRE
Redact EDIT
Dueler with Hamilton BURR
East Indies island BALI
Yacht haven COVE
Undisturbed STILL
Straight as ___ ADIE
Chemical suffixes INES
High rocky hill TOR
Is in distress AILS
Apr addressee IRS
Gentlemen (abbr) MESSRS
Sea eagles ERNS
Ancient writing materials PAPYRI
Terrific in slang PHAT
Demoiselle GIRL
Shake hands with say GREET
Owns HAS
Matthew Mark Luke and John PRENAMES
Intrinsically PERSE
Kind of warhead for short MIRV
Apple-thrower of Greek myth ERIS
(Ro___ud) SEB
Health clubs SPAS
Positive SURE
Big East team PITT
Reviewers of scientific papers PEERS
Nuisances PAINS
Annoyance and rage IRE
Eight in Paris HUIT
Rip apart TEAR
Compass dir ENE
Aunt of song with an expired goose RHODY
Strike something HIT
Bring into the world SIRE
Big name in Ferrari ENZO
Gulf ship OILER
Collections SETS
___kaboo! PEE
It ebbs and flows TIDE
Gazelles GOAS
Heart of the matter GIST
Director Kurosawa AKIRA
South of Brazil? SUL
Protestant denom BAP
Springtime arrivals BUDS
‘Exodus” hero ARI
Chief administrative officers PREMIERS
1994 drama film starring Jodie Foster NELL
CBS spinoff set in SoCal NCISLA
Ages and ages EONS
Gold and si___ LVER
In proverbs it’s more LESS


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