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Crossword Champ Pro November 3 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 3 2022 Answers:

Polish off some chow EAT
OT book ECCL
Burn plant ALOE
Chinese tree TUNG
Amorphous amount GOB
Take a hike GETLOST
Bruin legend Bobby ORR
Azure BLUE
Evil spirit DEMON
Spunky one GAMER
Are you a man ___ mouse? ORA
Undergrad tech degrees BSS
Arrow poison INEE
Dweeb NERD
Actor Gulager CLU
___ Stanley Gardner ERLE
Slogan or sonnet ending EER
Poison gas ARSINE
Interpret CONSTRUE
Comedian Mort SAHL
Captain MASTER
Type of beagle? LEGAL
River to Donegal Bay ERNE
Brazil for one NUT
Actor ____ Danson TED
Quoits target HOB
Knife feature BLADE
Wild sheep of South Asia URIAL
___ Believer (Monkees hit) IMA
Goes public with AIRS
Phrase of helplessness ALLSLOST
South African playwright Fugard ATHOL
Himalayan monasteries LAMASERIES
Lennon’s love ONO
Baffle STUMP
Bearings MIENS
Present moment poetically NONCE
Fr saints (Abbr) STES
NYC-based grp with its own police department MTA
Aromatic spice MACE
___ pis! (Too bad! in France) TANT
Basil sauce PESTO
Woeful words AHME
Worm of Assam ERIA
Tame the flames DOUSE
Sinking ship signal SOS
Sound unit SONE
Like some sandpaper COARSE
Title for knights on Game of Thrones SER
Word in a record’s description MOST
Betrayal TREASON
Syringe amts CCS
Dinsmore of old children’s books ELSIE
Artistic movement? UPSTROKE
Winner of the most 2016 Olympic medals USA
Pics ___ didn’t happen (Where’s the proof?!) ORIT
OK Corral participants EARPS
California’s San ___ Bay PEDRO
Star-Spangled Banner preposition OER
___ es Salaam DAR
Word with brake or jockey DISC
District AREA
Soothe EASE
___ boom bah! SIS
Prefix meaning within ENTO
Had a virus say AILED
Berliner’s budget ETAT
Society girls DEBS
Producing rainbowlike colors IRISED
RWR’s ”Star Wars” SDI
It’s between morn and night EEN
Perturbed INASTATE
Walla Walla Airport code ALW
1944 battle site STLO
Seize a crook NAB
Structure on The Strip CASINO
Title character in a 1988 John Cleese film OWN
24 of them = 100%: Abbr KTS


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