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Crossword Champ Pro November 4 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 4 2022 Answers:

Harp (It) ARPA
Selling condition ASIS
Store-to-consumer business RETAIL
Workout target ABS
Young trainee eg in the police CADET
Wolfgang ____ Mozart AMADEUS
President pro ___ TEM
Native Americans in Canada and the northern US CREE
Common contraction HASNT
Letter resembling the symbol for Neptune PSI
Ring-necked bird PHEASANT
Adjective often before commentary SAD
Follower (Suff) ITE
Balkan native SERB
Theatrical action recorder CAMERA
Smallest amount of change CENT
Item tossed into a ring HAT
Followers (Suffix) ITES
My Cup Runneth Over singer EDAMES
Dutch commune EDE
Freelancer’s enclosure SAE
Strictly linear ONED
Lash __ __ (attack) OUTAT
New Age vocalist ENYA
The Rolling Stones’ Get ___ Ya-Ya’s Out! YER
Gave feedback to INPUTTED
Skateboarders’ protection PADS
Heavy cart DRAY
Hospital work TESTS
Banks on the runway TYRA
Astin of Lord of the Rings SEAN
Aspiring atty’s exam LSAT
Ossuary URN
It may be proper NOUN
Martha from Montana RAYE
Fist bump DAP
Persian spirit PERI
___ Paulo Brazil SAO
Gun lobby (abbr) NRA
Coat heavily PLASTER
Somewhat to Schubert POCO
Second-largest metropolitan area in France LYON
Lens holders RIMS
Mexican peninsula YUCATAN
The ___ Mutiny CAINE
___ boy! ATTA
Grandmotherly plaints OYS
___ d’agneau (lamb dish) RIS
Extraordinary SPECIAL
Blake Alcott’s ____ NAT
BB King Paying the ___ to Be the Boss COST
Sp aunt TIA
Trickster IMP
How Sweet ___! ITIS
Imagine IDEATE
Six-line poem SESTET
___ a million ONEIN
Frasier character NILES
Sing a love song SERENADE
___ O’Donnell of TV ROSIE
At all EVER
Sudden attack RAID
Place to find wds DICT
Snaky shape ESS
Half (Prefix) SEMI
Feed seed OAT
Wow! OOH
Sight in a Tarzan flick APE
Facilitate communication LIAISE
When We Were Kings subject ALI
Take dislike to the extreme HATE
Masculine pronoun HIS
Unlock poetically OPE
Custard-filled pastry ECLAIR
Detail ITEM
___ fly through the air with the greatest of ease HED
Attendance counter STILE
Son of Ramses I SETI


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