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Crossword Champ Daily November 12 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Daily November 12 2022 Answers:

USA informally THESTATES
Mast yard boom or gaff SPAR
Logos eg: Abbr TMS
Opposite of female MALE
Meat seller: b___her UTC
Airport security company TSA
Choral composition CANTATA
Mil branch USM
With 59A Go to work on DIG
Like a green banana UNRIPE
Blazing AGLARE
Couplets DUADS
Unspoken TACIT
Word before yong FOO
Speckled FLECKED
Mama bear in Madrid OSA
Takes too much briefly ODS
Reduce in grade DEMOTE
One trying to lose weight DIETER
Ergot fungus LSD
Incense ingedient RESIN
Wear away as rock ERODE
(Bowed string instrument larger than a violin) VIOLA
Flightless birds RHEAS
___ Majesty the King HIS
New York canal ERIE
Picturesque SCENIC
The Keys are these CAYS
Lander at Ben Gurion ELAL
Truth old style SOOTH
Mins and mins HRS
Belonging to Alaska ALASKAN
(Wild oxen: y___) AKS
Public body not a part of the government structure NGO
He doesn’t do much IDLER
Sun ___-sen of China YAT
Heart chart inits EKG
Draws nigh NEARS
Ai___ (Part of a church) SLE
Award for a Brit officer DSO
Dull and drab DREAR
Bank vaults SAFES
Org that issues 9-digit nos SSA
Come about by chance HAP
Below (in text) INFRA
South African statesman MANDELA
Leaving a restaurant without paying is called a dine and ___h DAS
Big hassle so to speak GRIEF
Cops’ weapons TASERS
Divide with ”up” SPLIT
Dies ___ (hymn) IRAE
Only as ___ resort ALAST
When doubled a Thor Heyerdahl title AKU
Rap’s ___ Kim LIL
Records PAPERS
Do-it-yourself ___ KIT
Let’s Cook It Right author Davis ADELLE
Ladies GALS
A Theory of Semiotics author ECO
Suffix meaning small one ULA


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