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Crossword Champ Premium November 12 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium November 12 2022 Answers:

Dog days’ sound PHEW
Easter decoration brand PAAS
Mother of the Valkyries ERDA
Chinese dynasty during the Three Kingdoms period WEI
___ the bill PADS
South Dakota’s capital PIERRE
Literary Asian area ARABY
Proofreading symbol DELE
(Bu___s) SSE
Study of word origins (Abbr) ETYM
Ultimate object ENDALL
Salty drop TEAR
Domed portable tent YURT
Parcel (out) METE
Rhine feeder AARE
___ my case IREST
Molasses TREACLE
New York City’s ___ Galerie NEUE
Place to find four Os AUDIDEALER
Widow’s inheritance DOWER
Small arrow DART
Org in ’70s news SLA
Eat ___ eaten ORBE
French card game for two ECARTE
Ta-ta! CIAO
Wonky AWRY
Pub orders ALES
Flag down HAIL
1/24 of un jour HEURE
County Kerry town TRALEE
Marketplace scale TRONE
Beyond the exurbs RURAL
There Is Nothing Like ___ ADAME
Retrieved from memory RECALLED
Downpours RAINS
Find out about with of LEARN
Eleniak of Baywatch ERIKA
Actor Leary DENIS
More natural RUDER
Sao ____ Brazil PAULO
Harbors PORTS
Palindromic preposition ERE
___ my dad would say ORAS
Watered-silk MOIRE
What a landslide political victory confers MANDATE
Focal part MAIN
Bubbly name MOET
60s war zone briefly NAM
Judy of Laugh-In CARNE
Surrender ownership CEDE
Russian author of The Lower Depths (Var) GORKI
Icy freezing cold GELID
Carbon and gold eg ELEMENTS
Snarled MATTED
Considered to be SEENAS
States further ADDS
Press target informally DELT
Red Sox Hall-of-Famer Bobby DOERR
Summer cooler ICETEA
What’s ___ for me? INIT
Grade point avg CUME
Limerick land EIRE
Lady Di’s consort DODI
Wine sediment DREG
Large weight measuring unit TON
Phyla TAXA
Vowel-rich cookie OREO
Rorem and Beatty NEDS
Period sans soleil NUIT
SHO alternative HBO
___ Harbour Fla BAL
Nagy of Hungary IMRE
Man with a noted thumb EBERT
Fired AXED
Got ready to drive with up TEED
Man-eating monster OGRE
Vientiane is it’s capital LAOS


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