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Crossword Champ Pro November 12 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 12 2022 Answers:

Honored mil Award DSM
Part of a religious title DALAI
Pig vittles SWILL
Disturbance MELEE
Artist Matisse HENRI
Jason of the Harry Potter movies ISAACS
Small change DIMES
Reverence AWE
The ___ near ENDIS
Death row reprieves STAYS
___ Abner LIL
Relating to the spleen LIENAL
Parkinson’s treatment LDOPA
Word with run or result END
Either of the racing Earnhardts DALE
Greek architectual column style DORIC
Scanner READER
When Epifanía is celebrated ENERO
Prima ballerina ETOILE
Wool weight TOD
Conjunction AND
Flexible electrically ACDC
Flood avoider NOAH
Caller on a cell phone? CON
Easter preceder? NOR
Bird word COO
Devote as time SPEND
Start for wit or picker NIT
Twosome PAIR
Jumps nervously STARTS
New Mexico art community TAOS
Lith and Ukr once SSRS
Stuff to chew and blow bubbles with GUM
Pulls apart TEARS
Wayne’s World costar of Mike and Dana TIA
Down in the dumps SAD
Inventor Howe ELIAS
Fed watchdog created by Nixon EPA
Skater Slutskaya IRINA
Spanish mister SENOR
Jimjams briefly DTS
Comparable to a beet? ASRED
Flagmaker Betsy ROSS
Dutch cheese LEYDEN
Beginning or end of Spartacus ESS
Golden in Granada DEORO
Platters DISCS
Country and capital city SANMARINO
Manitoba native CREE
Army E-6: Abbr SSGT
Book ’em ___! DANO
Or else: mus direction OSSIA
Celestial ram ARIES
Official stamps SEALS
Automobiles CARS
Through the Looking-Glass’ game CHESS
Sp girl (Abbr) SRE
Plains tribe OTOES
Strikes SMITES
Minus (Abbr) NEG
Theater sign SRO
Seller’s desire OFFERS
Hit hard SLUG
Got together MET
Type of pitcher RELIEF
Stormed FUMED
What an active volcano may do ERUPT
Butter beans LIMAS
Sue Lyon title role LOLITA
Actor Greene LORNE
German currency once TALER
Song for Enrico Caruso or Beverly Sills ARIA
GI mail drop (Abbr) FPO
Loose woman HARLOT
Author Silverstein SHEL
German film director Riefenstahl LENI
Too pink say UNDERDONE
Group of three TRIO
Miss by ___ AMILE
Public notices ADS
Kind of box MITER
Single-named supermodel IMAN


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