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Crossword Champ Daily November 17 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Daily November 17 2022 Answers:

It’s higher on the hwy MPG
___ amis MES
Caress PAT
Hatchback with a TSI engine GTI
Suffix with baron IAL
Contemplate INTEND
Three-digit dialing codes (2 wds) AREACODES
Monitor display letters LCD
Florence locale ITALY
Grammarian’s reply to Who’s there? ITSI
Person who moves from side to side? TRAITOR
Trapeze expert AERIALIST
Thai’s neighbor LAO
From Jan 1 till now YTD
Frequent a restaurant EAT
Fed energy overseer NRC
Pay for everyone TREAT
Pinched pennies STINTED
Cincinnati- Detroit dir NNE
Asian stringed instrument SAROD
Teacher’s org for short NEA
Part of a movie sequel series III
Non-attendances ABSENCES
Best players collectively ATEAM
Pack animal BURRO
Ideas considered as norm STANDARDS
Influential bunch ELITE
Leisure walkers STROLLERS
Memorial Day solo TAPS
Checker PIECE
Unwavering RESOLUTE
Sound of reproach TUT
Nincompoop DOLT
Miscellany OLIO
Part of QED ERAT
Like high-school years TEENAGE
Board member: Abbr DIR
Cambodian currency RIEL
Composer of Dido and Aeneas ARNE
School for Princes William and Harry ETON
__ network NEURAL
Chem or Phy SCI
Figure in statistics MODE
Picked out SELECTED
Effects used to create some superheroes CGI
Year in Mexico ANO
A hearing of causes OYER
Hoist a heavy object LUG
Brightly colored eel MORAY
Monumental 1550 MDL
Paper and pencil game winner OOO
Most sinisterly weird EERIEST
Either of two books of the Apocrypha (abbr) ESD
Ambulance driver is part of this group for short EMS
Dixieland (abbr) STH
Rare but life-threatening bacterial infection TSS
Artful move DODGE
MÃĄlaga Mrs SRA
Hood and McKinley (Abbr) MTS
Olympian who doesn’t medal LOSER
Initial way to surf? DSL
Library sounds SHS


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