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Crossword Champ Premium November 17 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium November 17 2022 Answers:

Perjurer LIAR
Burdens LOADS
Asian language branch INDIC
Kind of acid AMINO
Soprano Scotto RENATA
Dalai ___ LAMA
Acronym for an outdoor fantasy game LARP
French romance AMOUR
More threadbare MANGIER
Triumphant cry AHA
Immense VAST
— Cong VIET
Samoan capital APIA
Subgroup SECT
Stationary surgical patient TREE
Words from a treater ONME
Eastern wet nurse AMAH
Pied one PIPER
Some Olympians nowadays PROS
Possible tennis score before a game-ending ace ADIN
First name in gossip RONA
Decorate a cake again REICE
Actress Merrill DINA
Small dog PUG
Set down NOTATE
Public welfare org NGO
British author of historical novels and ballads SCOTT
Flavorful TASTY
Bobby who lost to a King RIGGS
Goliath GIANT
Small power sources AAS
— Paulo Brazil SAO
Old MacDonald letters EIO
Sick as ___ ADOG
Home of the Brave?: Abbr ATL
Italian actress Eleonora DUSE
Wrote a lyric poem ODED
Catches on GETS
(Alien thing in the sky) UFO
Major animal URSA
Many a Guinness listing FEAT
Kiln for drying hops OAST
Back bones SACRA
Ecclesiastical council’s formulation CREED
Short one-instrument musical composition ETUDE
Form of Helen ELENA
Element used to introduce reactance in circuits REACTOR
R E Lee’s org CSA
There’s nothing to it NULLSET
Sounds of indecision UMS
Having a lot of cheek SASSY
Words on a Wonderland cake EATME
Pet carrier feature AIRHOLE
Both Begleys EDS
Lead-in to girl ATTA
___ gratia DEI
___ Boot DAS
Long Island or Puget (abbr) SND
Church official DEACON
Sierra ___ (Mexican range) MADRE
Restaurant request MENU
Set in deeply EMBED
Five essential things to become facetious AEIOU
Thunderstruck INAWE
Like Cheerios OATEN
Ahead by a point UPONE
Hamlet et al THANES
Based on a ___ story TRUE
Mirthful sound HAHA
Asian border river AMUR
Norse goddess of fate NORN
Pinafore letters HMS
Stitches SEWS
Take ___ (catch some Z’s) ANAP
Novarro who played Ben-Hur RAMON
Stud site LOBE
Pound Troy; Abbr LBT
Roman statesman CATO
Swahili for freedom UHURU
(Gusted puffed) BLEW
Midnight in Paris actor OWEN
Merit EARN
Williams and Koppel TEDS
Bird with a resonant ha-wah call NENE


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