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Crossword Champ Pro November 17 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 17 2022 Answers:

11th President POLK
Type size PICA
Algeria’s second largest city ORAN
Touch down LAND
Uganda neighbor KENYA
Smalls is Dead 2010 comedy ___ PETE
Fountain ___ PEN
Robert _ ___ ELEE
More flavorful TASTIER
Martinelli and Lanchester ELSAS
Nickname for Cuba ISLA
AOL or Comcast for short ISP
Smeltery refuse SLAG
Blackmore title character LORNADOONE
Beelike APIAN
‘Dies ___” (requiem mass hymn) IRAE
Carrier at JFK ELAL
Gradient SLOPE
Founded on signs ESTD
Shrewdness CANNINESS
Words of analogy ISTO
Romeo’s rival PARIS
Warhol and Williams ANDYS
JFK postings ETAS
T-shirt sizes for short SML
Pesky swarmer GNAT
One ____ time (2 wds) ATA
Botanical wings ALAE
Doctrines ISMS
Utah lily SEGO
New ___ improved AND
Pesticide-regulating org EPA
Mahler’s Das Lied von der ___ ERDE
Hammerhead’s part PEEN
Charge of a crime ACCUSATION
Ye ___ Shoppe OLDE
Part of a pedestal between the base and the cornice DADO
Star’s part LEAD
River of Tuscany ARNO
Municipal activity centers RECS
In pain SORE
Thun’s river AARE
Impulsive passion ELAN
Paw at GROPE
Ever so proper PRIM
Has brunch EATS
Deciphered DECODED
Takeout shop DELI
Beethoven overture LEONORA
Kind of engr ELEC
Accustom (Var) ENURE
Kind of surgeon ORAL
Cattle raiser RANCHER
Don’t bet ___! ONIT
Former British money (abbr) LSD
Work without ___ (take chances) ANET
Sousaphone eg TUBA
Typesetter’s measures EMS
Prog interruption PSA
Dentist’s tool PICK
Lewis Carroll’s fictional animal SNARK
‘The heat ___!” ISON
Money spent OUTGO
__-de-sac CUL
Short straw drawer LOSER
Get ____ trouble INTO
Yes ___? ORNO
Water carrier DUCT
Spot for a casquette TETE
Snake feeder BOISE
Bitsy beginning ITSY
La Scala di ___ (Rossini opera) SETA
Greek god EROS
Egypt’s capital CAIRO
Word on a Cheerios box OAT
2012 Philip Seymour Hoffman drama THEMASTER
Long March leader MAO
Swedish money KRONA
___ life! GETA
This en Espana ESTO
Stomach problem KNOT
Creme cookie OREO
Scandinavian rugs RYAS


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