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Crossword Champ Daily November 6 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Daily November 6 2022 Answers:

Gift wrap items BOWS
Iraqi port BASRA
S shaped moldings OGEES
Make cloth with strands of wool or cotton WEAVE
Late ruler Mobotu ___ Seko SESE
Chi clock setting in summer CDT
Irascible CHOLERIC
Alternative to die DER
Guy’s name for short TREV
Chant musically SING
Drop on a stage SCRIM
Shiraz resident IRANIAN
Marshal at Waterloo NEY
Department Store inventory (abbr) GDS
Philip with a 1975 best seller on CIA secrets AGEE
That ship HER
Name on the street? CRED
Mecca on a hot day SEASHORE
(Not made by machines) HANDMADE
Sunlight RAYS
Having a swelled head VAIN
Aviator PILOT
Ending for an enzyme ASE
Aussie outlaw Kelly NED
Send the troops home DEMOB
Ludwig and Jennings EMILS
CD predecessors LPS
Anatomical pouch SAC
Dull and drab DREAR
Fizz makers AERATORS
Psychological org APA
Loafer BUM
Era before AD BCE
(Matador’s victim: B___) ULL
Foul atmospheres MIASMAS
Copy in a way MIMEO
White House advisory grp NSC
Sound of a computer mouse: ___ck CLI
Oak dropping ACORN
Oxlike antelope ELAND
Symbols of hardness NAILS
Lamb’s call BAA
Tempe campus for short ASU
Bubbling ABOIL
___ Domingo Dominican Republic SANTO
Take the stitching apart UNSEW
Requests from an ed SAES
Blood fluids SERA
Afghan topper TURBAN
(Lung protectors) RIBS
Judge Lovato on The X Factor DEMI
12th month of the year DEC
Summer (Fr) ETE
Sentiments EMOTIONS
Latitude/longitude shower MAP
Listmaker’s abbr ETAL
Zipped file format RAR
Wound from a fang BITE
Land tax in Britain CESS
Tests for college credit for short APS
Snail-like SLOW


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