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Crossword Champ Daily November 8 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Daily November 8 2022 Answers:

Battering wind GALE
Valuable fur SABLE
Prior to poetically ERE
Unrelenting ADAMANT
___ loss for words ATA
High note ELA
Moonlighters’ jobs SIDELINES
Supermarket chain initially IGA
Suds source PUB
Plato’s plaza AGORA
Photog’s abbr ENL
Aussie lizard GOANNA
Org that does patient work AMA
PC linkup LAN
Compass dir ENE
Group of former Soviet republics abbreviation CIS
Art museum in Washington DC (abbr) NGA
Aquarium denizen EEL
Certain Arab OMANI
___ Perignon (Champagne name) DOM
China’s Lao-___ TSE
They’re in Olympic pools LANES
MC tool MIC
Eur land IRE
Not on the coast INLAND
Lord is ___?: Last Supper question ITI
Hand: Sp MANO
No of People say ISS
Comic strip cries IED
Five on a gunslinger’s gun IIIII
Coll senior’s exam GRE
C___cion: forcible persuasion OER
Say again ITERATE
To a sickening extent ADNAUSEAM
Actor Sam of The Horse Whisperer NEILL
Get even AVENGE
Brokeback Mountain character ENNIS
Advised old word REDED
Hawker’s booth STAND
Abbr that can follow master or staff SGT
Plant yielding nutritious starch CASAVA
Sociologist’s deg DSS
Methuselah’s claim to fame AGE
One who relies on another DEPENDANT
Suspended loosely SLUNG
Impersonates ASSUMES
Thing for a newborn NAME
____ Hoon aka rice vermicelli MEE
Group of schools in one area for short ESD
Only as ___ resort ALAST
Ready to go ALLSET
Conifer trees PINES
Pentathlete’s equipment PISTOL
Racing shells SCULLS
Devote as time SPEND
Freight in a truck CARGO
Itemized LISTED
Shoe mender: cobb___ LER
___ de deux PAS
Racing sleds LUGES


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