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Crossword Champ Premium November 8 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium November 8 2022 Answers:

MLB Triple Crown category RBIS
Throughways ROADS
Contradict BELIE
Prefix for structure INFRA
Distress letters SOS
(5 fingers and palms) HANDS
Coiffure HAIRDO
Have a thing for ADORE
Parisian negative NON
Printer spec DPI
Mare’s mate STALLION
Entrance or exit GATE
Tumbler GLASS
Athenian statesman called the Just ARISTIDES
Spelling of television TORI
Noun suffix ENSE
Prefix meaning wine OENO
Vote to accept ADOPT
Sci-fi author Hubbard LRON
Landon and an alien from Melmac ALFS
Part of Asia Minor IONIA
Snobby qualities AIRS
(Movie maker (abbr)) DIR
Expression used to show shivering BRR
Storage containers BINS
TV collie LASSIE
___-en-Provence AIX
Beach area SEASIDE
Sound like SEEM
Cream of the celebrity crop ALIST
Popular puzzle acid AMNIO
Composer who co-created Oblique Strategies ENO
Early 10th-century year CMIX
Verizon FiOS eg for short ISP
Edamame beans SOYS
Ring-around-the-rosy flower POSY
Rituals RITES
Mr Robot actor Malek RAMI
It’s south of Georgia IRAN
Subway gate eg TURNSTILE
River under the Ponte Vecchio ARNO
Make amends (for) ATONE
Scooby-___ DOO
Jack-in-the-pulpit eg ARUM
Wood covering STAIN
Most austere STERNEST
Janitor’s ringful KEYS
Aussie’s neighbor KIWI
Spoil MAR
Emerald City traveler TOTO
Cream puff SISSY
Indefinite amount SOME
___fit or ___diction BENE
Fancy neckwear BOA
Boar’s mate SOW
Bryozoan SEAMAT
With 18-Across phrase of resignation THEMS
Eventual failures of things once originally successful DEMISES
Remains at the bottom DREGS
Emergency tire SPARE
Old laborers ESNES
Chophouse order STEAK
Prophet who chastised King David NATHAN
Big Apple neighborhood next to the Bowery NOHO
After so much sleep I have finally aw___ AKEN
Actress ___ Dawn Chong RAE
LAX setting PST
Migrant worker of the ’30s OKIE
Violinist Zimbalist EFREM
___ Schwarz FAO
Southwestern creek RIA
One for whom hello is hej DANE
Worthless DUD
Wheel for steering a boat HELM
Goat antelope SAIGA
Carbamide UREA
Half of binary code ONES
Bread for breakfast TOAST
Workspace DESK


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