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Crossword Champ Pro November 8 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 8 2022 Answers:

Knife for Nanook ULU
Silver eagle wearer COLONEL
French film CINE
iPod model NANO
Speed skater Heiden ERIC
Labels TAGS
General ___ chicken TSOS
PDA entry APPT
Traveler GOER
Walks firmly STRIDES
Send the troops home DEMOB
Suited to be a suitor DATEABLE
Dubai dignitary EMIR
Parent of a sec MIN
Bridge opening option briefly ONENO
Animals BEASTS
Removes RIDS
Real estate abbr RMS
Missouri initials HST
Handy sort DOALL
Ocean phenomenon SPRAY
Lady Macbeth’s damned thing SPOT
Ammonia compound AMINE
Shroud city TURIN
The L train? MNOP
Dial button sharing the 0 OPER
Skin problem TINEA
Antares for one STAR
Non-working worker STRIKER
Confederate soldier REB
Kipling waif KIM
Australian state (abbr) NSW
Tory rival WHIG
Musical note from Guido ELA
Calendario entry DIA
Casino card game FARO
2008 Olympics tennis champion Dementieva ELENA
Creator of the Tammany tiger NAST
Site of Napoleon’s defeat WATERLOO
A little of everything ALLSORTS
Pack carrier LLAMA
Hungers (for) LUSTS
Baby’s cry WAH
Prospector’s bonanza LODE
Unspecific recipe amount DASH
Paramedics commonly EMTS
Building add-on ELL
Idylls of the King lady ENID
Rise up REBEL
Number of signos del zodiaco DOCE
Gleason’s The Honeymooners foil MEADOWS
That in Toledo ESA
The Age of Anxiety poet AUDEN
Corps de ballet ENSEMBLE
CHiPs Estrada of ERIK
When both hands are straight up NOON
Chinese for starters SINO
Letterman’s rival LENO
___ boom bah! SIS
Louis XIV and XVI eg ROIS
Plumbing problem LEAK
Hawaii’s ___ Coast KONA
Bandage GAUZE
River to the Caspian URAL
Philosopher known for his paradoxes ZENO
Standard offspring ESSO
Cyclotron bit ION
___ a sour note ENDON
Countrywide NATIONAL
Town in Greenland THULE
Word that means something in Latin RES
Protuberances KNOBS
How relief begins sometimes BAS
Gradual SLOW
Charlie Chaplin’s wife OONA
UN agcy created by the Treaty of Versailles ILO
Severely criticizes PANS
Read for errors PROOFED
Pizzeria-kitchen utensil GRATER
HS math class (Abbr) ALG


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