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Crossword Champ Pro November 8 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 8 2022 Answers:

Knife for NanookULU
Silver eagle wearerCOLONEL
French filmCINE
iPod modelNANO
Speed skater HeidenERIC
General ___ chickenTSOS
Walks firmlySTRIDES
Send the troops homeDEMOB
Suited to be a suitorDATEABLE
Dubai dignitaryEMIR
Parent of a secMIN
Bridge opening option brieflyONENO
Real estate abbrRMS
Missouri initialsHST
Handy sortDOALL
Ocean phenomenonSPRAY
Lady Macbeth’s damned thingSPOT
Ammonia compoundAMINE
Shroud cityTURIN
The L train?MNOP
Dial button sharing the 0OPER
Skin problemTINEA
Antares for oneSTAR
Non-working workerSTRIKER
Confederate soldierREB
Kipling waifKIM
Australian state (abbr)NSW
Tory rivalWHIG
Musical note from GuidoELA
Calendario entryDIA
Casino card gameFARO
2008 Olympics tennis champion DementievaELENA
Creator of the Tammany tigerNAST
Site of Napoleon’s defeatWATERLOO
A little of everythingALLSORTS
Pack carrierLLAMA
Hungers (for)LUSTS
Baby’s cryWAH
Prospector’s bonanzaLODE
Unspecific recipe amountDASH
Paramedics commonlyEMTS
Building add-onELL
Idylls of the King ladyENID
Rise upREBEL
Number of signos del zodiacoDOCE
Gleason’s The Honeymooners foilMEADOWS
That in ToledoESA
The Age of Anxiety poetAUDEN
Corps de balletENSEMBLE
CHiPs Estrada ofERIK
When both hands are straight upNOON
Chinese for startersSINO
Letterman’s rivalLENO
___ boom bah!SIS
Louis XIV and XVI egROIS
Plumbing problemLEAK
Hawaii’s ___ CoastKONA
River to the CaspianURAL
Philosopher known for his paradoxesZENO
Standard offspringESSO
Cyclotron bitION
___ a sour noteENDON
Town in GreenlandTHULE
Word that means something in LatinRES
How relief begins sometimesBAS
Charlie Chaplin’s wifeOONA
UN agcy created by the Treaty of VersaillesILO
Severely criticizesPANS
Read for errorsPROOFED
Pizzeria-kitchen utensilGRATER
HS math class (Abbr)ALG


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