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Crossword Champ Daily November 9 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Daily November 9 2022 Answers:

Seized by legal authority ARRESTED
(Gardening tools) RAKES
Small drum TABOR
Solar-year excess EPACT
(Office tables) DESKS
Firm in purpose ADAMANT
Fighting like mad ATIT
Clumsy brute APE
Vienna’s land: Abbr AUS
Fireproofing prod now banned ASB
Japanese apricot UME
Word before five or ten TAKE
Government lending groups SBAS
Org that issues 9-digit nos SSA
Sweater sizes (abbr) SMS
Before __ you go ILET
Argyle eg SOCK
Hairy-bodied insect BEE
After road or field TEST
The humanities ARTS
Some Greek consonants RHOS
Plant production SAP
Slandered SMEARED
___tion where stuff is sold to the highest bidder AUC
Golf tour PGA
Nibble on a soup bone GNAW
Capital south of Lake Volta ACCRA
Middle East land ISRAEL
Pound MASH
Hot drink holder MUG
Early lesson ABCS
Mark’s replacement EURO
Marshall Plan agcy ECA
Relative of Saul NER
Form of rummy CANASTA
(Narrow boat) CANOE
Home runs slangily TATERS
Menu term ALACARTE
Bamboozled CONNED
Cheeky part in England? ARSE
Type of silver (abbr) STG
Dynamite inventor NOBEL
Gold Coast republic GHANA
Unbiased hirer in ads EOE
Switch positions ONS
Calendar rows (Abbr) WKS
Missing perhaps LATETO
Blend tea say STIR
Reproach bitterly TAUNT
Until the present time ASYET
Slanders SMEARS
Record producer? STENO
Sp lady SRE
Your (Fr) TES
As a group ENMASSE
Marsh plant SEDGE
Cow’s stomach membrane RENNET
Mexican dish TAMALE
River in Scotland AYR
Peter who wrote Live From the Battlefield ARNETT
Love and Squalor girl of literature ESME


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