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Crossword Champ Pro November 10 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 10 2022 Answers:

___ kwon do TAE
Common adhesive PASTE
Ending for glamour or vapour ISE
___ O’Donnell of TV ROSIE
Subject of appraisal ASSESSEE
Be the leader SPEARHEAD
Sonar to a destroyer EARS
Kitchen addition ETTE
Summer hrs in DC EDT
Dismantles RASES
Savior HERO
Do-say connection ASI
Square on a roll PAT
Most grimy SOOTIEST
Young lamb TEG
ie in full IDEST
Turn away or aside AVERT
Sister of Apollo ARTEMIS
Neckline shape VEE
‘Leave It to Beaver” character EDDIE
Rock-‘n’-roll musical GREASE
Confound GET
John D MacDonald sleuth Travis ___ MCGEE
Sherman’s maid on ”The Jeffersons” MARLA
Salad garnish CRESS
Dissuade DETER
Went out with DATED
Takes a chance RISKS
Brit music label EMI
An official language of Pakistan URDU
Unrivaled PEERLESS
Strictly linear ONED
Tic-tac-toe line OXO
That’s pretty awesome! NEATO
Join a class ENROL
Extinct bird DODO
Charge FEE
Hungarian patriot Nagy IMRE
Prefix with phobia (foreign) XENO
Medical prefix OSTEO
Piece of furniture SIDEBOARD
Montana city BUTTE
Beta Kappa PHI
Furniture wood OAK
Internet characters ATS
Neighbor of Arg URU
As well TOO
Animal hides PELTS
___ tu (aria for Renato) ERI
Maj’s superior LTCOL
___ in cat CAS
Pioneering game systems ATARIS
Greek god of war ARES
Commotion ADO
Michelangelo masterpiece PIETA
Abbr at the end of some crossword clues VAR
Powerful engine VTEN
Religious sch SEM
Assyrian foe MEDE
Put on the feedbag ATE
Sweltering HOT
Dept of Labor branch OSHA
Hamilton bills TENS
Kind of battery AAA
Long of ”Big Momma’s House” NIA
Reagan attorney general MEESE
__-friendly (green) ECO
Born Free lioness ELSA
Singer Adams EDIE
Corporate raider Carl ICAHN
Space org NASA
Go through volumes READ
Thirst quenchers SODAS
___ all she wrote THATS
De ___ (too much) TROP
Quiet! TST
Tattletale STOOLIE
Italian appetizer course ANTIPASTO
Sign on for another tour say REUP


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