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Crossword Champ Pro November 11 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 11 2022 Answers:

Light bulb unit WATT
America’s Most Wanted host John WALSH
Lend ___ ANEAR
Tic-toe connector TAC
Demolition compounds TNTS
Nude or buff relative ECRU
PC bailout ESC
Greek letter BETA
500 sheets REAM
Like a bone from the elbow to the wrist ULNAR
Abbreviated afternoons PMS
Like much media mail PRESORTED
Small rodents MICE
Reason for parental scolding SASS
Split starter BANANA
Sugar source BEET
The Sheik of ___ ARABY
Author Silverstein SHEL
Estuary RIA
Hazarding a guess: manager of a political candidate? ELECTRICIAN
Written pledge to repay a debt IOU
Elitegroup Computer sys ECS
That in Toledo ESA
Start for Paulo or Vicente SAO
Palaces MANSES
___ pot (sinus teatment) NETI
Comin’ ___ the Rye THRO
Org that Julia Child once worked for OSS
Depress with out BUM
Epic battle in technology or a hint to four crossings in this puzzle MACVSPC
Car of yore REO
Timid SHY
Croquet equipment HOOP
CIO’s partner AFL
Sixth calendar col usually FRI
Spy novelist Deighton LEN
Streetcar in England TRAM
Top-drawer AONE
TV’s talking horse MRED
Bas-relief medium GESSO
Wind surge GUST
Silkworm ERIA
Piece of furniture SIDEBOARD
Debtor’s opposite CREDITOR
Remove from a manuscript DELE
Swiss canton URI
Source of magnesium OLIVINE
Fiji’s ___ Islands LAU
School of thought ISM
Chemical suffix ENE
Horizontal movement of a horse SIDEPASS
Liveliness of imagination ELAN
Put on as cargo LADED
Org that gave its first Top Male Vocalist award to Buck Owens ACM
Old Chinese money TAEL
Strike caller UMP
____ room REC
Luck of the Draw Bonnie RAITT
Word with blood or egg BAD
Indian metropolis DELHI
Civil War inits CSA
NYSE code for Sara Lee SLE
Star Trek speed MACH
Prudential competitor AETNA
Gator relatives CROCS
Present! HERE
One making amends ATONER
Libel for instance TORT
Lawsuit-happy gp RIAA
Viggo’s romantic interest in The Lord of the Rings LIV
Part of speech such as think and solve VERB
Bard’s before ERE
Words with step further GOA
Type of test LIEDETECTOR
One in Bonn EIN
Therapy developers: Abbr DRS
Station wagon CAR
Make a boo-boo ERR
Locks HAIR
Hypnotic state TRANCE
Woosnam and others IANS
Victoria’s Secret items BRAS


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