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Crossword Champ Premium November 11 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Premium November 11 2022 Answers:

Commercial center on the Ganges PATNA
Remove as potato skin PARE
___ Named Sue ABOY
(Bar for towing two skiers at a time uphill) TBAR
Gold-medal gymnast Comaneci NADIA
Maintains ASSERTS
Cookie fruit FIGS
Fight memento FATLIP
Sondheim’s ”___ Pretty” IFEEL
Mother of Cronus and Rhea GAEA
Stop: Abbr STN
Like the verb to be: Abbr IRR
Presentation for short INTRO
Harder to find RARER
Assaults olfactorily REEKS
Founder of PLF ABBAS
___ worse than death AFATE
Writing by Montaigne ESSAI
Scot’s dissent NAE
Throughways ROADS
Striplings TEENS
Italian playing card TRE
High nest: Var EYRIE
Grazing ground LEA
(Father of Spock from Star Trek) SAREK
Stylish 1960s luxury coupe AVANTI
As thin as __ ARAIL
Enzymatic suffix ASE
Relishes SAVORS
Org that kidnaped Patty Hearst SLA
German shepherd for one DOG
Hand (out) DOLE
City next to the Uinta National Forest OREM
Swell fop GENT
Food measurement TSP
Fam___r: well-known ILIA
Big collection agency IRS
Threatening words ORELSE
East Indian sailor LASCAR
Parseghian of coaching ARA
Cooler in the summer ADE
Sgts eg NCOS
Conclusion CODA
___ and terminer OYER
Sound of a leak SSSS
Glinda portrayer in The Wiz LENA
Distances (Abbr) YDS
Whoopee! YAY
Santa’s sackful TOYS
Accident scene figs EMTS
Scottish explorer John RAE
Russian monk: ___putin RAS
Casual comments whispered remarks ASIDES
Abbreviation for many abbreviations ACR
Not deceitful SINCERE
Bonkers in modern lingo CRAY
Step separator RISER
Co to keep you connected MCI
Sounded hurt MOANED
Mexicans roll them ARS
French city on the Strait of Dover CALAIS
Bill also called a Benjamin CSPOT
Big supply line AORTA
Hungers (for) LUSTS
Most big band instruments HORNS
Doglike carnivore HYENA
Serious solemn SOBER
Whiskey drinks SOURS
Myanmar monetary unit PYA
After spark or fire PLUG
Salon requirements COMBS
Prefix for ‘intermediate’ MESO
Support group? BRAS
(Eyelid problem) STYE
Twosomes (abbr) PRS
Barkin in ”This Boy’s Life” ELLEN
Director Spike ____ LEE
(American film critic Roger ___) EBERT
(B___le) OTT
Alums do it REUNE
State a new way RESAY
Prof’s helpers TAS
Old oath EGAD
Jagged EROSE


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