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Crossword Champ Daily November 11 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Daily November 11 2022 Answers:

Social class CASTE
Jefferson Davis’s govt CSA
Small island AIT
(Decoration materials) STREAMERS
Dog follower TAIL
(Rubbers) ERASERS
Population count: ce___s NSU
Table linens NAPERY
Rose part STEM
What’s the ___ trying? USEIN
Suffix meaning small ULA
Sons and Lovers actress Mary URE
Shoe mender: cobb___ LER
Exercise target THIGH
Instrument that might be accompanied by a tabla SITAR
B___ turn into vampires ATS
Southern soldier REB
Some fancy hotel features ATRIA
Eyes to some PEEPERS
Gives a dull lecture PROSES
US Open winner ELS
Certain head of state EMIR
Historical time division ERA
Pension-legislation acronym ERISA
Deep Blue Sea director Harlin RENNY
It’s always in verse EER
Odist’s preposition ERE
Preempted maybe NOTON
Person’s will TESTAMENT
Cantina cookers OLLAS
Money in Nigeria NAIRA
Wed anew REMARRY
St Francis’ birthplace ASSISI
Ward of The Fugitive 1993 SELA
Actually INFACT
Granola-like breakfast cereal MUESLI
Québec city briefly MON
Luxurious UPSCALE
HS upperclassmen SNRS
Britney Spears eg POPSTAR
(Drooping eyelid) PTOSIS
Mate’s assent AYSIR
Magazine mailing entreaty RENEW
Lbs upon lbs TNS
Simile words ASA
Hematology prefix SERO
Rodeo tool ROPE
Word on some diplomas CUM
Ending for mod ULES
Table game DOMINOS
Clock setting inits DST
Wife of Beatles’ Lennon ONO
Mile High Stadium setting: Abbr MST
Baldwin and Guinness ALECS
Corp exec CTO
Soak up gravy SOP
Social media platform (abbr) SNS
Skin layer: ___dermis EPI
Slowly at the Met LENTO
Sprout TOT
Horror maven Craven WES
Restrain legally ESTOP


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