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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28445 November 11 2022 Answers

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28445

Clues Answers
All sides except West admit defeat, mostly settled ENSCONCED
Anglican character has idiot getting in stew CASSEROLE
Arranged diamonds in elaborate decoration COORDINATED
Backing for official nabbing team’s dodgy dealer? FIXER
Beefeater, market trader or squealer heading home? TOOTSIE
Beer belly after working out? six-pack
Charge bloke and partner in restaurant? MANDATE
Creates spaces to accommodate sexual identity ENGENDERS
Creator of lines, dissolute chap penning bad poem meets resistance rope maker
Dear — a thousand for instrument that’s not the largest baby grand
Discharge a lot leaving hospital with you and me MUCUS
Easy with this to make movie stars’ demands? RIDER
Fish around island proving source of energy BIOMASS
Gem pedlar emerging from behind pockets EMERALD
Glue ear’s picked up and measured PACED
Go out live: revolutionary start for broadcast EBB
Clues Answers
Greeting that boy will love HELLO
Hear of snag in contract CATCH
Hurry after some food: a habit in Arab world dishdasha
Labour’s conclusion — government must call an election now end of term
Lumière’s partner and child SON
No cigar processed without chemicals ORGANIC
One hitting on record producer who’s driving force behind Kids in America? soccer mom
Peach with skins served up, and rest of refreshment? beauty sleep
Released by wingers, Arsenal shot comes close NEARS
Second of spoons incorrect — not with fork PRONG
Sell now after adjustment indicating effect of inflation? SWOLLEN
Singular dad’s resort SPA
Slip into Ferrari every so often ERR
Tea ready — and one gets bread CHAPATI
Tip exceeding funds available? OVERBALANCE
Way of getting fit name, a nicest variety CALLANETICS


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