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Crossword Champ Pro November 13 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 13 2022 Answers:

Sicilian seaport MESSINA
Street of mystery DELLA
Taken out of context? DELETED
World Cup chant OLE
‘The Time Machine” people ELOI
Brief time briefly SEC
Accounting entries (Abbr) CRS
Zen enlightenment SATORI
Indeed YEA
Caesar’s sidekick COCA
Cambodian coin SEN
Musical symbols RESTS
Hilo hello ALOHA
Will ___ of Men in Black SMITH
Bindle toters HOBOS
The fox in Disney’s The Fox and the Hound TOD
It comes from the heart AORTA
Stretched to the limit TENSEST
Lean-___ (simple shelters) TOS
Pugilistic combo ONETWO
Pics ___ didn’t happen (Where’s the proof?!) ORIT
A god in Vedic mythology DEVA
Cruise unit STATEROOM
Tel Aviv’s country ISRAEL
Quiet! TST
Periodical output: Abbr ISS
Taps absentee possibly AWOL
Stricter STERNER
Synthesizer pioneer MOOG
Spirits in the cellar ROSE
Spanish peninsula IBERIA
Prior to birth ANTENATAL
If you ask me in chat rooms IMO
AAA’s opposite? EEE
Word after cinnamon or hot cross BUN
WWII vessel LST
___ Lingus (Irish airline) AER
May be on a CD that comes with a new PC OEM
Study assiduously SWOT
Hydrocarbon suffixes ENES
My man! BRO
Pedro or Miguel SAN
Of a rat family MURINE
Ripped off TORE
Show with an early episode titled Crate ‘n Burial CSI
Ear-related prefix OTO
View from St Petersburg NEVA
GM option ONSTAR
Six-line poem SESTET
Movable cover LID
Unevenly notched as leaf edges EROSE
Slump SAG
‘Lady and the Tramp” dog TRUSTY
Mr ___ (classic board game similar to Clue) REE
Ill-tempered woman SHREW
Some: Fr UNES
‘King” Cole NAT
If-possible connector ATALL
Actress Shire TALIA
South American bear OSO
Hill you might drive a buggy over DUNE
Part of a religious title DALAI
___ snail’s pace (2 wds) ATA
Halt! to a salt AVAST
What concert talker next to you will do perhaps ANNOY
Lightweight fabric VOILE
Microwave device MASER
Some gourds MELONS
Chess champion Mikhail TAL
What the fourth little piggy had NONE
Animal hides PELTS
Opposite of flushed PALE
Surrealist Spanish painter DALI
Scheme as of a stage set DECOR
Start for wit or picker NIT
East Indies Archipelago MALAY


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