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Crossword Champ Pro November 15 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 15 2022 Answers:

Undergrad tech degrees BSS
Swiss site of a 1431–1449 council BASEL
British guns STENS
Brand of mattresses SERTA
__ to differ! IBEG
Structural member IBAR
Odd or even in roulette BET
___ tu (Verdi aria) ERI
Dog’s warning GROWL
Fast feline PUMA
Campaign veterans POLS
Swiss canton URI
Supervised MONITORED
Psychiatrists treat it ANGST
Consumed ATE
Baseball’s Yogi BERRA
Dwarf buffalo of Indonesia ANOA
University of Maine location ORONO
Mountain in Thessaly OSSA
Condition of being notched SERRATION
No longer working (Abbr) RETD
Heathers LINGS
Come in ENTER
Blows away WOWS
Tin foil eg WRAP
Periodical output: Abbr ISS
Exam for would-be atty LSAT
Place for a dental crown MOLAR
Sheep bleat MAA
Potpourri OLIO
Lead-in to boy or girl ATTA
The King ___ ANDI
Having a double nature DUAL
Like a bone from the elbow to the wrist ULNAR
It comes ___ surprise ASNO
___ of time SANDS
Consume EAT
Power tested with Zener cards ESP
Have a bug AIL
Fly-by-night TRANSIENT
Nonclerical LAIC
Edible mushroom CEP
San Diego team PADRES
Don’t Bring Me Down rock grp ELO
Federal retirement org SSA
Firehouse sound SIREN
Genesis grandson ENOS
May be on a CD that comes with a new PC OEM
1052 Roman MLII
Physicist Bohr NIELS
Two-dimensional PLANAR
Famed Jesuit lexicographer RALE
Proceed slowly PLOD
1988 Meg Ryan film DOA
Dunn or Ephron NORA
Star-crossed lover in ”Casablanca” ILSA
Iowa State’s home AMES
Head honcho BOSS
Roof support BEAM
TV’s ___ Winfrey OPRAH
Like some tabloid stories LURID
Eurasia’s ___ Mountains : URAL URAL
Repair a ship REFIT
Lamp orbiter MOTH
Face-to-face exams ORALS
Too-often repeated TRITE
Greek monster with nine heads HYDRA
Prefix with center EPI
Slight MERE
Keyboardist Saunders MERL
Katy Matthew Luke or Tyler PERRY
Aphid to a gardener PEST
Glacial ridge ARETE
Kenyan leader Mboya whom Obama called his godfather TOM
Spoken of earlier AFORESAID
Lennon’s wife ONO
Movie studio inits RKO
No modest abode MANOR
Connections LINKS
Photocopier setting: Abbr LTR
WWW language HTML
Driver’s nonverbal hello TOOT
Realm of Proteus in Greek myth SEA


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