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Newsday Crossword November 15 2022 Answers

Newsday Crossword November 15 2022 Answers

Camel’s South American cousin LLAMA
Macaroni or ziti PASTA
FedEx rival UPS
Book of maps ATLAS
Song superstar __ John ELTON
Fruity dessert with a crust PIE
Expands a business BRANCHESOUT
Log-splitting tool AXE
Figure skater’s jump TOELOOP
Scissors sound SNIP
Tampa neighbor, for short STPETE
Solves, as a secret message DECODES
Fabric from sheep WOOL
Chop down HEW
British noble below a duke EARL
Downloadable programs APPS
Natural skin soother ALOE
Retains KEEPS
Avocado center PIT
Shrink in size slowly DWINDLE
Motorists’ org. AAA
Luckless guy SCHMO
Wise person SAGE
Enthusiastic AVID
Lack of difficulty EASE
Midmorning hour TEN
Blab a secret TELL
Woman on stage ACTRESS
Suitable for a formal occasion DRESSY
Just slightly cooked, as a steak RARE
In disarray CHAOTIC
College in Columbus: Abbr. OSU
Modern music’s ancestors ROOTSOFROCK
Grownup boys MEN
Oven setting BROIL
A tough row __ TOHOE
Inquire ASK
‘__ be expected” ITSTO
Have a fainting spell SWOON
Chemist’s workroom LAB
Env. contents LTR
__ carte menu ALA
Fireplace shelves MANTELS
Wide necktie ASCOT
Lemon rind PEEL
‘Not to mention . . ALSO
Got to one’s feet STOOD
Man’s hairpiece TOUPEE
Hill-building insect ANT
Departs abruptly UPANDLEAVES
Mischievous fairy PIXIE
Leaks slowly SEEPS
Donkey’s sound HEEHAW
Feeling annoyed SORE
Makes a trade SWAPS
Subject being discussed TOPIC
Open a car’s storage area POPTHETRUNK
Birthday party dessert CAKE
Yale students ELIS
Was victorious in WONAT
Boundary line EDGE
Buckets for water or milk PAILS
‘Sorry to say . . .” SADLY
Amount of medicine taken DOSE
Provide with temporarily LENDTO
Female horse MARE
Admitted one’s mistake ATECROW
Accompany to an event ESCORT
Enticing smell AROMA
Detective’s jobs CASES
Chases away SHOOS
Disagreements RIFTS
Keep __ (don’t quit) ATIT
Norway’s capital OSLO
Slugger’s stat: Abbr. RBI
Taunting shout OHO
Pigeon sound COO
Barbie’s boyfriend KEN


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