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Crossword Champ Pro November 19 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 19 2022 Answers:

Street of mystery DELLA
One may lead to a game of chicken DARE
Quebec seasons ETES
Start a bungee jump LEAP
Rodeo ring? LASSO
Fiery felony ARSON
Compass pt SSE
Euripides drama MEDEA
Verbalize SAY
River blocker DAM
Not perfectly upright ATILT
Office notes MEMOS
‘There’s ___ in My Beer” (Hank Williams song) ATEAR
Lend ___ ANEAR
Coach Parseghian ARA
Opposite of pos NEG
Map abbr RTE
Brings up as young REARS
Try another shade REDYE
Rifle range command AIM
Connecting point NODE
___-Saxon ANGLO
Undeliverable letter to a postal worker NIXIE
Blackbird MERLE
Helps out ASSISTS
___-mo SLO
Type choice FONT
Earthquakes’ points of origin FOCI
Algeria’s second largest city ORAN
Scottish monster’s loch NESS
Morse Code syllable DIT
Roadside bomb briefly IED
Fairy tale character TROLL
Bygone Unilever brand whose name meant light LUX
Valuable stuff from down under ORE
Root ____ BEER
Weather instrument BAROMETER
Prayer or petition ORISON
Picnic dish SLAW
Wine opener OENO
Sask neighbor NDAK
Julius Caesar role CASCA
Assayer’s bowl CUPEL
Terrier or chow DOG
Federal number-crunchers briefly GAO
Caught congers EELED
Underwrite INSURE
Psychic ability (abbr) ESP
Given the ax with off LAID
Heroine of ”Last Days of Pompeii” IONE
Collection of Will Rogers quips eg ANA
British toilet LOO
Return of the Jedi creature EWOK
Migrant EMIGRE
Bump from the TV schedule PREEMPT
Dry lake PLAYA
Northern African capital RABAT
Dropsy EDEMA
Shavers TIKES
China Beach setting NAM
Knock for ___ ALOOP
Soup server LADLE
Unerasable INDELIBLE
Diarist Anais NIN
Nursing degree DNS
Ringling ___ and Barnum & Bailey CircusWarner ___ BROS
‘Tonight Show” host LENO
Those to Jose: ESOS
Honest one ABE
Himalayan antelope TAKIN
High-ranking USN official ADM
Bogeymen OGRES
Thanksgiving serving YAM
Perfect places EDENS
Maine college town ORONO
Sweetsop ATA
Apt divisions RMS
Mexican coins PESOS

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