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Crossword Champ Pro November 5 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 5 2022 Answers:

Walk softly PAD
Brother of Cassandra PARIS
Word with free or secret AGENT
Tunisian money DINAR
Freedom fighter REBEL
New shoots RETAKES
Prepare text for publication EDIT
Elaine ___ (Seinfeld role) BENES
Ambulance VIP EMT
Survived LASTED
Smoke-filled room phenomenon HAZE
Vaulted area in a basilica APSE
Twilight or time follower ZONE
Those to Jose: ESOS
Exchange premium AGIO
River near Paris OISE
Tomato blight EDEMA
Long poem telling of a hero’s deeds EPOS
Italian painter Guido RENI
Shades TINTS
It comes ___ surprise ASNO
Perturbed INASTATE
___ Bo TAE
Some tents TEPEES
Dangerous bacteria ECOLI
Go fast ZOOM
Architectural detail for short SPEC
Old Blood and Guts PATTON
It can be shocking EEL
Abominate LOATHE
Goddess of love’s love ADONIS
Art subject NUDE
Native Nigerians IBOS
Colleagues of EMK SENS
Thumb or throat condition perhaps SORE
Take an evening course? SUP
Roman poet who wrote about 33-Across OVID
Quebec’s Levesque RENE
I could ___ horse! EATA
Smokestack emission SOOT
Rink legend ORR
Greases LUBES
Genevieve ou Jeanne STE
Relating to the eye UVEAL
Pipits LARKS
Dexterity AGILITY
___ believe it! IDONT
Atlantic crosser of old PINTA
De ___ (too much) TROP
In ___ (actually) ESSE
Paucity DEARTH
Be on the precipice TEETER
Gun org NRA
Cakes and ___ (Maugham novel) ALE
Not spoil KEEP
Clean with one’s bill PREEN
Firstborn OLDEST
___ Carvey of Wayne’s World DANA
Ecuadorean province named for its gold production ELORO
Fight VIE
Garbage TRASH
Place for lounging CHAISE
Neighbor of Sudan CHAD
Actor Grant HUGH
Flying prefix AERO
Middle of Caesar’s saying ISAW
Rescinder REPEALER
Hydrocarbon suffixes ENES
Choices for Cassatt HUES
‘Out on a Limb” singer Marie TEENA
Brit music label EMI
___ problem! NOTA
Uttar Pradesh city AGRA
Arab Leader EMEER
If they’re lost it means they’re gone ARTS
Red Sea vessel DHOW
Beauty-parlor service RINSE
Wow! OOH


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