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New York Times Crossword Answers November 05, 2022

Author: John Westwig
Editor: Will Shortz


Amanuenses SCRIBES
Famous game-saving 1954 World Series play by Willie Mays THECATCH
Many a Zoroastrian IRANI
Nice place to read or watch TV EASYCHAIR
Mad about BIGON
It might be dry or biting WIT
Raise people’s spirits? HOLDASEANCE
Phrase that’s often contracted … or suffix for something contracted ITIS
Location of a daith piercing EAR
___ Cherry, singer with the 1988 hit “Buffalo Stance” NENEH
Long account SAGA
Humblebrag, of a sort ITRY
Order against disclosure GAGLAW
This clue’s answer might contain more than seven letters MAILBAG
Gave a hard time RODE
Fusses ADOS
Met for a few hours in the evening? OPERA
Makers of Deep Blue, the first computer to beat a world chess champion under tournament conditions IBM
Potato chips, in Britain CRISPS
One in a nursery rhyme pocketful POSY
Figures in “Knives Out” and “The Maltese Falcon” PRIVATEEYES
Peter Pettigrew’s Animagus, in the Harry Potter books RAT
___ space OUTER
Keeping one’s thoughts to oneself, say SECRETIVE
One who’s a charmer, maybe FLIRT
Traditional Polynesian beverage that numbs the mouth KAVAKAVA
Brined white cheeses FETAS
“The White House” vis-à-vis the executive branch of government, e.g. METONYM


In an agitated state STEWING
Cardamom-containing coffeehouse creation CHAITEA
Unsalted, perhaps ICY
“The beginning and end of all music,” per Max Reger BACH
Shared values ETHOS
September/October zodiac symbol SCALES
Agreed JIBED
Part of a 45-Across ARIA
Marvel Comics character played multiple times in film by Ian McKellen MAGNETO
Skip or Reverse UNOCARD
Dole Plantation, e.g. PINERY
Game where It always counts HIDEANDGOSEEK
Eminem track with the Guinness World Record for “most words in a hit single” RAPGOD
Washington hub that’s a portmanteau of two cities SEATAC
Shot only you can take SELFIE
“Peas” or “golf balls” HAIL
Apple product IOSAPP
Creative works with net proceeds? WEBART
Food item often accompanied by tzatziki GYRO
Word before or after “first” LADIES
Ochlocracy MOBRULE
“You know what you did!” ADMITIT
Average American, allusively PEORIAN
Press secretary’s asset, informally PRSAVVY
“We did it!” YAYTEAM
Gadget that might be disguised as something else SPYCAM
Alternatives to baskets CARTS
A bad one is your fault SERVE
Designer Wang VERA
Race winner’s prize SEAT
Ring call, for short TKO


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