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Universal Crossword Answers November 07, 2022

Author: by Wayne Harris


Woofer’s acoustic range BASS
Weaves’ partner BOBS
Group of species GENUS
Australian gem OPAL
Skeptic’s scoff IBET
Popped up AROSE
Bigfoot’s cousin YETI
Z, in sorority names ZETA
Water-based paint variety LATEX
*Ball pits’ spots (In this clue’s answer, note the first letter + the last 3) PLAYAREAS
Three, for a short golf hole PAR
Tax agcy. IRS
Picture by a username AVATAR
Nook and Kindle EREADERS
*Debt instrument backed by a tangible asset (first 3 letters + last 3) SECUREDBOND
Received GOT
Family ___ ( diagram) TREE
Delivery docs OBS
Ocean predator ORCA
And so on, briefly ETC
*Jamie Lee Curtis in “Halloween,” e.g. (first 3 letters + last 3) SCREAMQUEEN
“Grateful” band fan DEADHEAD
Wished evil on CURSED
Newfoundland’s output? DROOL
Word before “garden” or “party” TEA
Six-pt. plays in football TDS
Hair frustrations, or what the words broken across the starred clues’ answers are? SPLITENDS
Subway handhold STRAP
Fly like an eagle SOAR
Spoken ORAL
Public perception IMAGE
VIP’s ride LIMO
Rooster, for a hen MATE
Pied ___ PIPER
“What ___ is new?” ELSE
Observed carefully EYED


Peter Pan, permanently BOY
Large primate APE
Took a load off SAT
Lose your footing SLIP
Just weird BIZARRE
___ blocker (heart drug) BETA
Headliner STAR
Lancelot’s son GALAHAD
Unwritten? ERASED
“Kidding!” NOT
Take advantage of USE
M, e.g., on a form SEX
Unpopular inventor? LIAR
Bremner of “Our Flag Means Death” EWEN
Copied and ___ PASTED
Prevented, as a crisis AVERTED
Formula One palindrome RACECAR
Recliner part for a lower limb LEGREST
Continue along PROCEED
Common day to vote: Abbr. TUE
Civil rights icon Parks ROSA
Farmers market structures STANDS
Bilingual explorer on TV DORA
“Days of ___ Lives” OUR
Mall customer SHOPPER
Mobile phone, informally CELL
Temperamental tennis great John MCENROE
Campus courtyard QUAD
Prescribed amount DOSAGE
Groups often named after fierce predators TEAMS
Capri, for one ISLE
Drudgery TOIL
A handful of SOME
Small taste SIP
“I’ve heard enough!” TMI
Best ___ Song (Grammy since 2004) RAP
Sunshine or hope “unit” RAY
Consumed ATE
Efficient bulb letters LED


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