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Crossword Champ Pro November 9 2022 Answers

Crossword Champ Pro November 9 2022 Answers:

Action word ARE
Cattle call LOW
Chess champion Mikhail TAL
On ___ with APAR
Broad-brimmed hat SOMBRERO
Washtub BATH
Unlock in verse OPE
Sea critters without shells or fins OCTOPI
Type of hedge PRIVET
Playwright O’Neill EUGENE
___ Xing PED
Taxi Driver lead DENIRO
Actress Scala GIA
Make a seam SEW
Christian military expedition CRUSADE
Brand of mattresses SERTA
From the ___ GETGO
Steadied with a rope GUYED
Golfer ___ Woods TIGER
Dundee denial NAE
BP sale of 2013 ARCO
Tracks down HUNTS
Based on a ___ story TRUE
Blue funk SNIT
Ended OVER
Overhead wisps CIRRI
Wyatt ____ EARP
Chows down EATS
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Type of crossing RAILROAD
Home of Brigham Young University PROVO
Swing wildly FLAIL
Letters in computer uploading FTP
Chip in ANTE
Unable to escape the daily grind INARUT
Bandleader Brown of renown LES
Reason for a stop REST
Sylvester Stallone character RAMBO
Provide kindness that kills ENABLE
Deadly fly TSETSE
Thickening ingredient in ice cream AGAR
Metric weight unit TONNE
Them’ insects ANTS
Duo plus one TRIO
Breads with pockets PITAS
Stallion’s companion MARE
Burst of applause SALVO
Woodwind played by Hailey on Mozart in the Jungle OBOE
Part of 58A (abbr) TER
Monk’s superior ABBOT
Throat-clearing sound AHEM
California white oak ROBLE
Bulldozed LEVELED
Maintains as a law UPHOLDS
Early delivery? PREEMIE
If you ask me in chat rooms IMO
Bar opening ISO
Actor Gibson MEL
Above poetically OER
Three (It) TRE
AAA’s opposite? EEE
Eco concern SEALEVEL
WW II craft (Abbr) LST
Word before Alamos or Angeles LOS
Working person (Abbr) EMP
First-day-of-Spanish-class word POR
Auto pioneer OLDS
Destroy gradually ERODE
Comic verse DOGGEREL
Spoken ORAL
Ring with sound RESONATE
Subject of a B Kliban drawing CAT
Licenses eg (Abbr) IDS
Shaggy-dog story YARN
Confined with up PENT
Like a rainbow ARCED
Pocketbook ETUI
Virginia willow eg ITEA
Implements TOOLS
Insect repellent ingredient DEET


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