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Daily American Crossword November 19 2022 Answers

Best Daily American Crossword November 19 2022 Answers:

Alpine people 5 letters SWISS
Murmurs tenderly 4 letters COOS
Scram! 4 letters SHOO
Insipid 5 letters WASHY
Listen! 4 letters HARK
Luxuriant 4 letters LUSH
Felt out of sorts 5 letters AILED
Questionable 4 letters IFFY
Seltzer starter 4 letters ALKA
Gathered gradually 7 letters GLEANED
Freight train component 7 letters FLATCAR
Make merry 5 letters REVEL
Hold fast 6 letters ADHERE
1980 role for Robin Williams 6 letters POPEYE
Saunter 5 letters AMBLE
Regretted 4 letters RUED
Painter Bonheur 4 letters ROSA
Grain bane 5 letters ERGOT
Sep. sequel 3 letters OCT
Gummed label 7 letters STICKER
Grow old 3 letters AGE
Effect of a lashing 5 letters WHEAL
Land bordered by the Mekong 4 letters LAOS
Money for Marco 4 letters LIRA
Phonograph records 5 letters VINYL
The Piano costar Harvey 6 letters KEITEL
Gil Blas author 6 letters LESAGE
Native Alaskan 5 letters ALEUT
Actor Gould 7 letters ELLIOTT
Severe trials 7 letters ORDEALS
Lab container 4 letters VIAL
Movie director Hooper 4 letters TOBE
Lowest deck 5 letters ORLOP
Each Dawn __ (Cagney film) 4 letters IDIE
Sufficient in verse 4 letters ENOW
Last First Lady of the USSR 5 letters RAISA
Dispatch 4 letters SEND
Unit of force 4 letters DYNE
Change 5 letters ALTER
Spoils 4 letters SWAG
Sing the blues? 4 letters WAIL
Land in the water 4 letters ISLE
Cut off 7 letters SHEARED
Capital of New South Wales 6 letters SYDNEY
Scold 5 letters CHIDE
Lummox 3 letters OAF
Carmina Burana composer 4 letters ORFF
Seventies space station 6 letters SKYLAB
Spread thickly 7 letters SLATHER
Actor Tom 5 letters HULCE
Schindler of Schindler’s List 5 letters OSKAR
Chicago airport 5 letters OHARE
Turn inside out 5 letters EVERT
Damn Yankees composer 5 letters ADLER
Milan opera venue 7 letters LASCALA
Ship’s front 4 letters PROW
That hurts! 4 letters OUCH
Sampras of tennis 4 letters PETE
Deadly shark 4 letters MAKO
Unctuous 4 letters OILY
Trot canter or gallop 4 letters GAIT
Folktale monster 4 letters OGRE
Color close to aqua 4 letters TEAL
Irish county 5 letters SLIGO
Gravelly glacial ridge 5 letters ESKER
Was of use 7 letters AVAILED
Unvarnished 7 letters LITERAL
Caught 6 letters NETTED
Author Welty 6 letters EUDORA
Popular pants 5 letters LEVIS
Omit in pronunciation 5 letters ELIDE
Assassinated 5 letters SLAIN
Lerner collaborator 5 letters LOEWE
Singer with Dawn 4 letters TONY
Came down to earth 4 letters ALIT
Mislay 4 letters LOSE
Practice pugilism 4 letters SPAR
Good for Guillaume 3 letters BON

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