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Daily Cryptic Crossword November 19 2022 Answers

Best Daily Cryptic Crossword November 19 2022 Answers:

Option to change someone who lives in a place 11 letters ALTERNATIVE
Extremely unconventional exit 6 letters WAYOUT
Rewarded for material assistance? 6 letters REPAID
Instrument for mixing oil in French wine? 6 letters VIOLIN
Article held by distant parent 6 letters FATHER
There’s nothing in Manila 3 letters NIL
A trip gave you most recreation 6 letters VOYAGE
Paths from bistro? 6 letters ORBITS
A number we let off – about five 6 letters TWELVE
Ingrid is going round on horseback 6 letters RIDING
In a modern setting short skirts may be suggestive 11 letters REMINISCENT
Twice per annum 12 across is seen 4 letters PAPA
Saunter on street and go round 6 letters STROLL
Fabric seen on recent model 8 letters CRETONNE
Musical locks 4 letters HAIR
Hanger-on has left and I’m favourite 6 letters LIMPET
Foreign coin sent round as a deposit 8 letters SEDIMENT
Metal goods are in row perhaps 8 letters IRONWARE
Prosper – like Dusty Miller? 8 letters FLOURISH
Eccentric pal meets raging mob with coolness 6 letters APLOMB
Caged birds I lost in moves 6 letters BUDGES
A bird in the wilderness 4 letters ERNE
Observe some paper money 4 letters NOTE

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