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Daily American Crossword November 5 2022 Answers

Best Daily American Crossword November 5 2022 Answers:

Show briefly 5 letters FLASH
Hotfooted it 4 letters SPED
Over again 4 letters ANEW
Game of chance 5 letters LOTTO
Broad 4 letters WIDE
Andean shrub 4 letters COCA
Current generator 10 letters ALTERNATOR
Return of the Jedi creature 4 letters EWOK
1980s UK girl group 10 letters BANANARAMA
A __ of Two Cities 4 letters TALE
Officially listed: Abbr. 4 letters REGD
Pressed 6 letters IRONED
Phone-answering word in Italy 6 letters PRONTO
Legendary horn blower 6 letters ROLAND
Actor Tamblyn 4 letters RUSS
Monet’s eyes 4 letters YEUX
Ruined city in Jordan 5 letters PETRA
Neighbor of Minn. 3 letters ONT
Put to use 7 letters HARNESS
That woman 3 letters HER
Reach accord 5 letters AGREE
Ike’s ex 4 letters TINA
Humble 4 letters MEEK
Primitive fellows 6 letters APEMEN
Turns the handle 6 letters CRANKS
In a risque fashion 6 letters RACILY
Author Silverstein 4 letters SHEL
Give off 4 letters EMIT
Teetotal 10 letters ONTHEWAGON
Novelist De La Roche 4 letters MAZO
Suriname’s capital 10 letters PARAMARIBO
News bit 4 letters ITEM
Writer Dinesen 4 letters ISAK
Inflexible 5 letters RIGID
Ocean motion 4 letters TIDE
Mafia boss 4 letters CAPO
En __ (as a group) 5 letters MASSE
Bodybuilder’s bane 4 letters FLAB
Damn Yankees temptress 4 letters LOLA
Envelope abbr. 4 letters ATTN
Thomas __ Eliot 7 letters STEARNS
Large wasp 6 letters HORNET
Turf 5 letters SWARD
Pocket bread 4 letters PITA
Land in Genesis 4 letters EDOM
Wreck 6 letters DERAIL
Nail polish remover 7 letters ACETONE
Once in a while 10 letters NOWANDTHEN
French academy 5 letters ECOLE
Roused 5 letters WAKED
Honshu seaport 6 letters NAGOYA
Hip-hop songs 4 letters RAPS
Malay boat 4 letters PROA
Ladder step 4 letters RUNG
Blackballed 10 letters OSTRACIZED
Arrest 5 letters RUNIN
Plow pullers 4 letters OXEN
Art Deco designer 4 letters ERTE
Stink 4 letters REEK
Boats like Noah’s 4 letters ARKS
Achilles’ weak spot 4 letters HEEL
Indian chief 6 letters SACHEM
Quintessence 7 letters EPITOME
Tropical woe 7 letters MALARIA
Like Mr Magoo 6 letters MYOPIC
Heat up again 6 letters REWARM
Send as payment 5 letters REMIT
Italian violin maker 5 letters AMATI
Plumed headgear 5 letters SHAKO
Shuttle’s org. 4 letters NASA
Kisser 4 letters TRAP
Bookings for a combo 4 letters GIGS
Japanese middle managers? 4 letters OBIS
Joint point 4 letters NODE


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