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Daily Cryptic Crossword November 5 2022 Answers

Best Daily Cryptic Crossword November 5 2022 Answers:

Nora Batty seeing river in Italy 4 letters ARNO
Prison band causing upset 8 letters STIRRING
Saw wanderer in lead 7 letters PROVERB
Dough or what it might become 5 letters BREAD
Wants massages so we hear 5 letters NEEDS
Trial for gold trade? 6 letters ORDEAL
Essex town of raw fenlands? 13 letters SAFFRONWALDEN
Abandon The Waste Land 6 letters DESERT
Capital I invested in settee 5 letters SOFIA
Anything should if this should 5 letters OUGHT
Pariah not at home with actors 7 letters OUTCAST
Best sellers concealed in oak chest? 8 letters HOTCAKES
Father always creates a disturbance 4 letters FRAY
Mountain climber suffering in tailspin 8 letters ALPINIST
Putting one’s head in this may make one so wretched 5 letters NOOSE
Enter with a pair of boots possibly to resolve Hamlet’s dilemma 13 letters TOBEORNOTTOBE
Like a mad dog worrying a bird 5 letters RABID
I caught a sort of antelope in this country 7 letters ICELAND
Olympians in the gallery? 4 letters GODS
A puzzle served half after a meal 6 letters TEASER
Child runs with unknown soldiers 8 letters INFANTRY
What’s carried about in box? 7 letters FREIGHT
Like plants they are worth having 6 letters ASSETS
Surplus actor in small role 5 letters EXTRA
Natural ability held back by dictatorial fellow 5 letters FLAIR
Common food that comes from no shops 4 letters NOSH


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