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Daily Quick Crossword November 5 2022 Answers

Best Daily Quick Crossword November 5 2022 Answers:

At that time 4 letters THEN
Spend wastefully 8 letters SQUANDER
Exaltation 7 letters RAPTURE
Fertile tract in desert 5 letters OASIS
Sharp hooked claw 5 letters TALON
Pursued 6 letters CHASED
Small 6 letters LITTLE
Open-toed shoe 6 letters SANDAL
Russian currency unit 6 letters ROUBLE
Implicitly understood 5 letters TACIT
Slack 5 letters LOOSE
Serving 7 letters PORTION
Monday to Friday 8 letters WEEKDAYS
Standard 4 letters NORM
Strangle 8 letters THROTTLE
Eject 5 letters EXPEL
Slake assuage 6 letters QUENCH
Fragrance 5 letters AROMA
Come down 7 letters DESCEND
Move hurriedly 4 letters RUSH
Underground passage 6 letters TUNNEL
Precious metal 8 letters PLATINUM
Duo 7 letters TWOSOME
At the back of a ship 6 letters ASTERN
Profoundly 6 letters DEEPLY
Staple food 5 letters BREAD
Capital of Egypt 5 letters CAIRO
Sluggish 4 letters SLOW


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