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Free Themed Crossword November 5 2022 Answers

Best Free Themed Crossword November 5 2022 Answers:

Burn with steam 5 letters SCALD
___ mater 4 letters ALMA
Leaf cabbage 4 letters KALE
Prefix meaning sun 5 letters HELIO
Last name in old cartoons 4 letters BOOP
Causes (someone) to see red 4 letters IRES
City in Basque Country Spain famous for its marble 5 letters ERENO
Mother of 9-Down in Greek myth 4 letters LETO
Harvest 4 letters REAP
Attempted coup by dogs? 14 letters BOXERREBELLION
Pop-rap song by Chris Brown and Tyga 3 letters AYO
Felix Unger’s roommate for one 4 letters SLOB
Popular freshwater aquarium fishes 8 letters GOURAMIS
Asiatic wild ass 6 letters ONAGER
Org. assisting small businesses obtain access to capital initially 3 letters OFN
Fashion designer Oscar de la ___ 5 letters RENTA
Put the pedal to the metal 4 letters TORE
Newspapers for hounds? 15 letters BULLDOGEDITIONS
Great Wall’s location 4 letters ASIA
Flabbergast 5 letters AMAZE
Understand 3 letters SEE
Superfluous 6 letters DETROP
Most like a whip? 8 letters SMARTEST
Word coined by Robert Heinlein 4 letters GROK
File format supporting data compression 3 letters RAR
Driven canines? 14 letters GREYHOUNDBUSES
They go for bucks 4 letters DOES
Tower town 4 letters PISA
They become decades 5 letters YEARS
Auto pioneer 4 letters OLDS
Till stack 4 letters ONES
Expressed disappointment 5 letters TSKED
Chick follower 4 letters ADEE
Wife of Zeus 4 letters HERA
Short jackets 5 letters ETONS
Wooley who recorded The Purple People Eater 4 letters SHEB
Atlantic food fish 4 letters CERO
First name in game show hosts 4 letters ALEX
Sequential 6 letters LINEAR
When Lilacs Last in the ___ Bloom’d by Walt Whitman 8 letters DOORYARD
Up to the task 4 letters ABLE
Leopold’s partner in murder 4 letters LOEB
Specks 5 letters MOTES
Mount Olympus twin 6 letters APOLLO
Central Pacific island country 8 letters KIRIBATI
Mars: combining form 4 letters AREO
Depend (with on) 4 letters LEAN
Precognition and the like 3 letters ESP
Alfa ___ 5 letters ROMEO
Chaney of film 3 letters LON
Rot 5 letters GOBAD
Employable 5 letters OFUSE
Dark 5 letters UNLIT
Young Frankenstein’s lab assistant 4 letters INGA
Watches and pipes have them 5 letters STEMS
Silly one 5 letters GOOSE
Marine flyers 5 letters ERNES
Change a password 5 letters RESET
Ben Cartwright’s oldest son 4 letters ADAM
Generosity 8 letters LARGESSE
Pyrenees goat antelope 5 letters IZARD
Computer storage unit of measurement 8 letters TERABYTE
Ending for arm or deposit 3 letters ORY
Express disapproval of as a plan 6 letters POHPOH
Most faithful 6 letters TRUEST
Ancient Greek language 5 letters KOINE
Au 4 letters GOLD
Give advice formerly 4 letters REDE
___ friendly 4 letters USER
Independent federal agency founded by President Eisenhower 4 letters NASA
Finnish firearms maker 4 letters SAKO
___ Yeager: protagonist of Attack of the Titan manga 4 letters EREN
Some comuter storage devices initially 4 letters SSDS
Film noir starring Edmond O’Brien 3 letters DOA


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