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The Independents Concise Crossword November 5 2022 Answer List

The Independents Concise Crossword November 5 2022 Answers:

Fail to hit 4 letters MISS
Resisting 7 letters DEFYING
Handwriting 6 letters SCRIPT
Formally approve 6 letters RATIFY
Pyrotechnic devices 9 letters FIREWORKS
Colour 6 letters YELLOW
Rail network feature 9 letters SIGNALBOX
Sudden excitement 6 letters THRILL
Salad plant 6 letters ROCKET
Cargo 7 letters FREIGHT
Prying 4 letters NOSY
Unit of length 4 letters INCH
Adept 7 letters SKILFUL
Discourage 5 letters DETER
Distant 7 letters FARAWAY
Bury 5 letters INTER
Place to buy souvenirs 8 letters GIFTSHOP
Restaurant employee 8 letters SOUSCHEF
Marine mollusc 7 letters SEASLUG
Dictionary 7 letters LEXICON
Crafty behaviour 5 letters GUILE
Pop 5 letters BURST
A smaller amount 4 letters LESS


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