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The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 5 2022 Answers

The Independents Cryptic Crossword November 5 2022 Answers:

Force special lock 6 letters STRESS
Surely being led astray must have fines halved? 8 letters OFCOURSE
It’s unfortunate only the last of fliers is accepted in truth 9 letters ADVERSITY
One takes walk around Italian city 5 letters TURIN
Scanty pants? Predictable response in rule-following order 9 letters SYNTACTIC
Broadcast NHS open secret do you? 15 letters THESECONDPERSON
With one off-beam wit in US dividing country the best possible outcome? 15 letters WINWINSITUATION
This will be getting nasty with local canvassing 9 letters SAILCLOTH
In language e.g. writing in past tense 5 letters ARGOT
Anagram letters written like this for solving clique say? 9 letters INACIRCLE
Warm beer this Yorkshire Terrier 8 letters AIREDALE
Rolling preserves verges of couch grass 6 letters SNITCH
Why we hear divers won’t put into Portsmouth region? Poor areas 11 letters SHANTYTOWNS
Might you get e.g. Abba B or Leffie to make a copy like this? 15 letters REVERSEENGINEER
Greene novel in the ascendant it’s plain 9 letters SERENGETI
KLM captain still not cleared for landing? 14 letters FLYINGDUTCHMAN
Is about to appear in big adaptation’s opening or musical 5 letters OSSIA
Enough in snug for whip-round? 15 letters ROOMTOSWINGACAT
At printer’s measures editor’s initial written submission 3 letters EMS
So employee stepping up must grow a pair? 14 letters BIGSHOESTOFILL
One seen in the canteen exercising __? 11 letters CANINETEETH
Person at the top you shouldn’t have to call over issue 9 letters EMANATION
Made a check of tea-leaves in a box? 5 letters CASED
OK for head to leave part of India 3 letters GOA


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