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Newsday Crossword November 5 2022 Answers

Newsday Crossword November 5 2022 Answers

Not very quick 6 Letters OBTUSE
Be persnickety 8 Letters PETTIFOG
Didnt go straight 6 Letters VEERED
Work for yourself? 8 Letters EXERCISE
Was in circulation 6 Letters EDDIED
Bierces despair disguised as a virtue 8 Letters PATIENCE
DC soccer venue for the Atlanta Olympics 3 Letters RFK
Target area 5 Letters AISLE
Much with of 4 Letters SEAS
Foremost 5 Letters FRONT
Beef thats not prime 3 Letters NIT
Address in M*A*S*H scripts 5 Letters PADRE
The Epson HX-20s (1980) were the first of them 7 Letters LAPTOPS
Serious profession 3 Letters VOW
Mystic contemplation of ones navel 14 Letters OMPHALOSKEPSIS
Very slight 3 Letters WEE
One standing near the conductor 7 Letters SOLOIST
Antonym of prince 3 Letters CAD
Handler of fried eggs 14 Letters SLOTTEDSPATULA
Edible you should dispense with 3 Letters PEZ
Guy of verse whose beard with age is hoar 7 Letters MARINER
Manual alternative to a food processor 5 Letters RICER
Get behind 3 Letters OWE
Shade from the Latin for mole 5 Letters TAUPE
What you hope will come out in the wash 4 Letters ODOR
Capital city closest to the equator 5 Letters QUITO
Competitive pair that finally got together in NW Utah 3 Letters RRS
Helper on Admiral Byrds Antarctic expeditions 8 Letters MALAMUTE
Common oatmeal additive 6 Letters RAISIN
What many MD 8 Letters PHOTOIDS
Early entrant into the game console business 6 Letters COLECO
Dont mention it 8 Letters SORESPOT
Needing nothing more 6 Letters ALLSET
Superabundance 8 Letters OVERFLOW
Theyre fit for kings and queens 9 Letters BEDFRAMES
42-year veteran of ABC News 9 Letters TEDKOPPEL
Ocean State sch 3 Letters URI
Experience 3 Letters SEE
Inspiration for Wagners Ring Cycle 4 Letters EDDA
Potable associate of Rice-A-Roni 5 Letters PEPSI
Take to the next level 5 Letters EXALT
Se creuser la __ (think really hard: Fr.) 4 Letters TETE
Meter leader 3 Letters TRI
Seasonal fishing tools 7 Letters ICESAWS
Hit in the wallet 5 Letters FINED
Coveted Art Deco knight 5 Letters OSCAR
Yuletide sextet 5 Letters GEESE
Its just under a foot 6 Letters INSOLE
Ultimate power of science 3 Letters NTH
Partner for a 27 7 Letters TOASTER
Red White & Blueberry limited edition (summer 2022) 7 Letters POPTART
Fall over in elation 5 Letters PLOTZ
Ride for a tour of Rome 5 Letters VESPA
Green stuff for greens 3 Letters SOD
Its inevitable 6 Letters KISMET
Monitor monitors 9 Letters ICUNURSES
Its less than usual 9 Letters SALEPRICE
Refuses to even think about 8 Letters DARESNOT
Drive for example 7 Letters OPERATE
Participante de reunión familiar 3 Letters TIA
Theyre hardly hard-fought 5 Letters ROMPS
It has the most acreage of Forest Service land 5 Letters IDAHO
What program notes provide 5 Letters COLOR
Top 5 Letters OUTDO
Ryders mom in Edward Scissorhands 5 Letters WIEST
Moment of a monologue 4 Letters QUIP
Swimmer in every ocean 4 Letters ORCA
PD data 3 Letters MOS
Dot-com bubble beneficiary (for a while) 3 Letters AOL
Its not good 3 Letters ILL


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