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Daily American Crossword November 6 2022 Answer List

Best Daily American Crossword November 6 2022 Answers:

Tiffs 5 letters SPATS
Curves 4 letters ARCS
Big name in plastic 4 letters VISA
Diviner’s deck 5 letters TAROT
Composer Bartok 4 letters BELA
Surrounded by 4 letters AMID
Just like ewe? 5 letters OVINE
Loathe 9 letters ABOMINATE
Own 7 letters POSSESS
Widespread 7 letters GENERAL
Soup dish 6 letters TUREEN
Long for 6 letters DESIRE
Evening get-together 6 letters SOIREE
Theater awards 5 letters OBIES
Murmur 9 letters UNDERTONE
Russian retreat 5 letters DACHA
Diamonds 3 letters ICE
Jazzman Peterson 5 letters OSCAR
1963 Paul Newman film 3 letters HUD
Irritable 5 letters TESTY
1803 purchase 9 letters LOUISIANA
Heart location 5 letters BOSOM
Disappear 6 letters VANISH
Butcher bird 6 letters SHRIKE
Sailor 6 letters SEAMAN
Rear part 7 letters TAILEND
Plunge 7 letters PLUMMET
Very high musically 9 letters ALTISSIMO
Hard Cash author Charles 5 letters READE
Currier’s partner 4 letters IVES
Geraint’s lady 4 letters ENID
Brief digresion 5 letters ASIDE
He loved Lucy 4 letters DESI
Kierkegaard e.g. 4 letters DANE
Worship of Allah 5 letters ISLAM
Cease 4 letters STOP
Peacock constellation 4 letters PAVO
Athenian statesman called the Just 9 letters ARISTIDES
Monk’s haircut 7 letters TONSURE
Helmsman 7 letters STEERER
Humiliate 5 letters ABASE
Confederate soldier 3 letters REB
Obstruct 4 letters CLOG
Saturday in Paris 6 letters SAMEDI
Actress Redgrave 7 letters VANESSA
Pottery from Japan 5 letters IMARI
Shankar’s instrument 5 letters SITAR
Dancer Astaire 5 letters ADELE
All __ (1967 Temptations hit) 5 letters INEED
Handle 5 letters SEETO
Sgts. .e.g. 7 letters NONCOMS
Be acceptable to 4 letters SUIT
As soon as 4 letters ONCE
Admirer 4 letters BEAU
Norway’s capital 4 letters OSLO
Flexible armor 9 letters CHAINMAIL
Barbarous nomads 4 letters HUNS
Wife of Esau 4 letters ADAH
Be the equal of 5 letters RIVAL
Georgia’s capital 7 letters TBILISI
Joins the team? 5 letters YOKES
Japanese warrior caste 7 letters SAMURAI
Untidy 7 letters INAMESS
Got the feeling 6 letters SENSED
Sober 5 letters STAID
Reduce by 50 percent 5 letters HALVE
Ceremonies 5 letters RITES
Lyric poem 5 letters EPODE
Actress Merrill 4 letters DINA
Classic Icelandic poetry 4 letters EDDA
Abound 4 letters TEEM
Opposite of max. 3 letters MIN


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