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Daily Cryptic Crossword November 6 2022 Answers

Best Daily Cryptic Crossword November 6 2022 Answers:

A sort of meteor? Far from it! 6 letters REMOTE
Repair broken sword 6 letters RAPIER
Dare nations conceal a battle ground? 5 letters ARENA
You may have to be patient if you want them to see you 7 letters DOCTORS
Denizen of the deep finding work after October 7 letters OCTOPUS
Relaxed part of overseas education 5 letters EASED
Prospero’s playing the tyrant 9 letters OPPRESSOR
Let in tiny boy coming back after short notice 5 letters ADMIT
Odd saint given scope 7 letters STRANGE
Boat taking 500 in a sort of lagoon 7 letters GONDOLA
I wander back to see a New Zealander 5 letters MAORI
A psychiatrist has to become smaller 6 letters SHRINK
Prohibited group so we hear 6 letters BANNED
Sanity – there’s possibly nothing saner 6 letters REASON
Eminent performer in teams or otherwise 7 letters MAESTRO
Vagrant seen before parking vehicle 5 letters TRAMP
Bowmen from Ambridge? 7 letters ARCHERS
Is about to study pictures 5 letters ICONS
Not all presidents live 6 letters RESIDE
Indigestion said Pepys is troublesome 9 letters DYSPEPSIA
Snub that’s recorded 7 letters PUTDOWN
Playing on organ in Burmese city 7 letters RANGOON
Scottish food given by witch to American soldiers 6 letters HAGGIS
Time for a full stop 6 letters PERIOD
1001 and not a young person! 5 letters MINOR
Dance with odd graduate 5 letters RUMBA


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