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Daily Quick Crossword November 6 2022 Answers

Best Daily Quick Crossword November 6 2022 Answers:

Infertile 6 letters BARREN
Stopped briefly 6 letters PAUSED
Wrathful 5 letters IRATE
Dried seedless grape 7 letters CURRANT
Pet rodent 7 letters HAMSTER
Greenfly 5 letters APHIS
Retaliation 9 letters TITFORTAT
Offspring 5 letters ISSUE
Generally 7 letters ASARULE
Opportunities 7 letters CHANCES
Midday meal 5 letters LUNCH
14-line poem 6 letters SONNET
Petition to a deity 6 letters PRAYER
Shining 6 letters BRIGHT
Let in again 7 letters READMIT
Upright 5 letters ERECT
Side by side 7 letters ABREAST
Stow 5 letters STASH
Hate intensely 6 letters DETEST
NCOs 9 letters CORPORALS
Thick sweet substance 7 letters TREACLE
Unauthorised absence from school 7 letters TRUANCY
Twelfth sign of the zodiac 6 letters PISCES
Lower 6 letters NETHER
Killed 5 letters SLAIN
More competent 5 letters ABLER


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