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Free Themed Crossword November 6 2022 Answers

Best Free Themed Crossword November 6 2022 Answers:

Did a backstroke say 4 letters SWAM
Whirlpool competitors 6 letters AMANAS
Meat atop Hawaiian pizza 3 letters HAM
Opposite of dry as hair 4 letters OILY
Pussy ___ (Goldfinger character) 6 letters GALORE
Cheer for a flamenco dancer 3 letters OLE
Focus of drill baby drill 11 letters OFFSHOREOIL
That’s incredible! 3 letters WOW
Groovy! 5 letters NEATO
Spherical shape 3 letters ORB
Loses color 5 letters FADES
Double Fantasy collaborator Yoko 3 letters ONO
___ Jima (WWII battle) 3 letters IWO
Quarterback’s protectors 13 letters OFFENSIVELINE
Lake ___ City Ariz. 6 letters HAVASU
Hula accompaniment 3 letters UKE
Mauna ___ (Hawaiian volcano often seen in crosswords) 3 letters LOA
Strategic Belgian river of WWI 4 letters YSER
Become edible as a fruit 5 letters RIPEN
Romans to Gauls 4 letters FOES
___ favor senor’ 3 letters POR
The loneliest number in a Three Dog Night song 3 letters ONE
Baltimore baseballer 6 letters ORIOLE
Careless or inconsiderate comment 13 letters OFFHANDREMARK
Costello or Gehrig 3 letters LOU
Abbr. stamped on a bounced check 3 letters NSF
Courtship participant 5 letters WOOER
Director DuVernay or actress Gardner 3 letters AVA
Barely warm 5 letters TEPID
Disgusting! 3 letters EWW
Commercial rental property 11 letters OFFICESPACE
Dessert often served a la mode 3 letters PIE
Cooks on a spit 6 letters ROASTS
Do a laundry chore 4 letters IRON
One of the Kennedys 3 letters TED
Put in handcuffs 6 letters ARREST
Coin with Lincoln on it 4 letters CENT
In the near future 4 letters SOON
Bride after the vows 4 letters WIFE
___ Romeo (Italian sports car) 4 letters ALFA
Classic computer game set on an island 4 letters MYST
A long time ___ in a galaxy far far away… 3 letters AGO
Abandon on an island 6 letters MAROON
N.Y. Yankee or K.C. Royal (Anagram of REAL) 4 letters ALER
Inexperienced gamer in slang 4 letters NOOB
Jackie’s second husband 3 letters ARI
Pic taken with a stick 6 letters SELFIE
Question often asked after twirling 10 letters HOWDOILOOK
Burn soother 4 letters ALOE
Kitty cries 4 letters MEWS
___ it (goes by foot) 5 letters HOOFS
Hole-making tool 3 letters AWL
Brain cell 6 letters NEURON
Rose above its banks as a river 10 letters OVERFLOWED
A long way from here 3 letters FAR
Apartment maintenance person 5 letters SUPER
34th U.S. president 3 letters IKE
Snake poisons 6 letters VENOMS
Christmastime 4 letters NOEL
Facilitate 4 letters EASE
Syringe familiarly 4 letters HYPO
From now on 4 letters ASOF
Ky. neighbor 3 letters IND
Balsam ___ (tree) 3 letters FIR
River transports 5 letters RAFTS
Flat-bladed garden tool 3 letters HOE
___ borealis (northern lights) 6 letters AURORA
Passes as legislation 6 letters ENACTS
Had a good cry 4 letters WEPT
Little injury to a toddler 4 letters OWIE
Remote place to worship from 4 letters AFAR
Workshop gripping device 4 letters VISE
Grand scale film 4 letters EPIC
Cut the rind off 4 letters PARE
Clickable computer symbol 4 letters ICON
Ding on a car door e.g. 4 letters DENT
The F in F.Y.I. 3 letters FOR
Summer hrs. in N.Y.C. 3 letters EST


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