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Daily American Crossword November 8 2022 Answers

Best Daily American Crossword November 8 2022 Answers:

Incubate 5 letters HATCH
Sax range 4 letters ALTO
Heidi’s home 4 letters ALPS
Limber 5 letters AGILE
Primatologist Fossey 4 letters DIAN
Drubbing 4 letters ROUT
Unwillingness 10 letters RELUCTANCE
Small amount 4 letters IOTA
Not bad 10 letters PRETTYGOOD
Body wrapper 4 letters SKIN
Ripped 4 letters TORE
Foreigners 6 letters ALIENS
Equus and others 6 letters GENERA
On the other side 6 letters BEYOND
Winglike 4 letters ALAR
Russian refusal 4 letters NYET
Pointed arch 5 letters OGIVE
Sound of impact 3 letters BAM
Get going 7 letters STARTUP
Penultimate mo. 3 letters NOV
Type of preview 5 letters SNEAK
Tatum’s pa 4 letters RYAN
Pigeon’s pad 4 letters COTE
Whine 6 letters SNIVEL
Time’s partner 6 letters WARNER
Neighbor of Costa Rica 6 letters PANAMA
Wicked conduct 4 letters VICE
Blind as __ 4 letters ABAT
Sequestered 10 letters CLOISTERED
Lake in Lombardy 4 letters COMO
Western 10 letters HORSEOPERA
Daredevil Knievel 4 letters EVEL
Morales of movies 4 letters ESAI
Quarrel 5 letters RUNIN
Kennedy family matron 4 letters ROSE
Given temporarily 4 letters LENT
Logician in space 5 letters SPOCK
47-stringed instrument 4 letters HARP
Happy Days are Here Again composer 4 letters AGER
Board-game piece perhaps 4 letters TILE
Muddle 7 letters CLUTTER
Trojan War hero 6 letters HECTOR
Maxim 5 letters ADAGE
Floor covering for short 4 letters LINO
Crunchy sandwich 4 letters TACO
Eventually 6 letters ONEDAY
Stemming 7 letters ARISING
Visited 10 letters LOOKEDINON
Enter harbor 5 letters PUTIN
Kenton and Getz 5 letters STANS
Autocrat 6 letters TYRANT
Coil 4 letters LOOP
Shoots the breeze 4 letters GABS
Flair 4 letters ELAN
Spills the beans 10 letters NAMESNAMES
Gemstone 5 letters BERYL
James of jazz 4 letters ETTA
Ready to Shakespeare 4 letters YARE
Franchise 4 letters VOTE
Constantly 4 letters EVER
Read superficially 4 letters SKIM
Foolish 6 letters UNWISE
Novelist France of France 7 letters ANATOLE
Approach stealthily 7 letters CREEPUP
Poet Lindsay 6 letters VACHEL
Players 6 letters ACTORS
Race horse 5 letters PACER
From the beginning 5 letters ABOVO
Short stay 5 letters VISIT
Forfeit 4 letters LOSE
Algerian port 4 letters ORAN
Nevada city 4 letters RENO
Idle on the screen 4 letters ERIC
Like a dungeon 4 letters DANK


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