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Daily Cryptic Crossword November 8 2022 Answers

Best Daily Cryptic Crossword November 8 2022 Answers:

OK there’s nothing left 8 letters ALLRIGHT
A month we hear for Miss West 3 letters MAE
Not up for Enid Blyton’s first novel? 5 letters INBED
Decent sort of piano 7 letters UPRIGHT
Regular advance carries forward head of state 7 letters MONARCH
Racecourse for one north of the border 5 letters ASCOT
Nine compositions? 6 letters NONETS
Small shelf for vehicle mounted on runners 6 letters SLEDGE
A lieutenant meeting the queen has to change 5 letters ALTER
Mother can turn the French fetter 7 letters MANACLE
Pressing metal in the capital of Greece 7 letters IRONING
Precise old law? 5 letters EXACT
Pinch a little drink 3 letters NIP
Delicate material found when sorting some rags 8 letters GOSSAMER
Country noble with an alteration 7 letters LEBANON
Freed from pride 3 letters RID
Left in France? That’s awkward! 6 letters GAUCHE
Saint boarding moving train to get cover 9 letters TARPAULIN
Conjuring soldier in coat 5 letters MAGIC
One has a right to them in settlement perhaps 12 letters ENTITLEMENTS
Colour given by me to painting 12 letters PIGMENTATION
Grand rite perhaps slowing down 9 letters RETARDING
After last month real reform for state 7 letters DECLARE
I’m a long time providing pictures 6 letters IMAGES
Pot or potty for a group of soldiers 5 letters TROOP
The name of a woman always in the van 3 letters EVA


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