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Daily Quick Crossword November 8 2022 Answers

Best Daily Quick Crossword November 8 2022 Answers:

Brothers 8 letters BRETHREN
Top card 3 letters ACE
Put to use 5 letters APPLY
Warlike 7 letters MARTIAL
Group of soldiers 7 letters PLATOON
Vote into office 5 letters ELECT
Required 6 letters NEEDED
Magician 6 letters WIZARD
Quarrelled 5 letters ROWED
Card game 7 letters PONTOON
Stir up 7 letters AGITATE
Fatuous 5 letters INANE
Concealed 3 letters HID
French emperor 8 letters NAPOLEON
Put back 7 letters REPLACE
Plaything 3 letters TOY
Gypsy 6 letters ROMANY
Scandinavian language 9 letters NORWEGIAN
Lithe 5 letters AGILE
Brilliant success 5 letters ECLAT
Occur 6 letters HAPPEN
In the red 9 letters OVERDRAWN
Savoury pear-shaped fruit 7 letters AVOCADO
Hazard 6 letters DANGER
Maintenance 6 letters UPKEEP
Arrive at 5 letters REACH
Eerie 5 letters WEIRD
Sick 3 letters ILL


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