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Free Themed Crossword November 8 2022 Answers

Best Free Themed Crossword November 8 2022 Answers:

Mark on a smooth surface as a floor 5 letters SCUFF
Controversial chemical fruit spray 4 letters ALAR
Homer’s boy 4 letters BART
Luxury handbag brand 5 letters HORRA
Place for a hoop 4 letters LOBE
1959 apocalyptic novel ___ Babylon 4 letters ALAS
County where Colchester Castle is located 5 letters ESSEX
Shoe or family follower 4 letters TREE
Hershey candy 4 letters ROLO
Wisconsin thoroughfare? 13 letters MADISONAVENUE
Suffix for saturated hydrocarbons 3 letters ANE
Honey of a drink 4 letters MEAD
Breakfast partner 3 letters BED
Srs. concerns 4 letters GPAS
Soviet leader 6 letters STALIN
Picnic drinks 4 letters ADES
Got an A 4 letters ACED
Hole ___ (clubhouse boast) 5 letters INONE
Nebraska vehicles? 15 letters LINCOLNTOWNCARS
Isaac or Howard 5 letters STERN
One in Bonn 4 letters EINE
Type of local area network: in brief. 4 letters ENET
Lend a hand 6 letters ASSIST
Griffith’s A Face In the Crowd costar 4 letters NEAL
60s student activist org. 3 letters SDS
Not important 4 letters MERE
Mauna ___ 3 letters LOA
Massachusetts family pet? 13 letters BOSTONBULLDOG
Former caterpillar 4 letters MOTH
Operator 4 letters USER
Waits for the green 5 letters IDLES
Fraternity letter 4 letters IOTA
Hungarian herding dog 4 letters PULI
Add impurities 5 letters TAINT
Raise 4 letters GROW
They range in length from two inches to 13 feet 4 letters EELS
Nerve fibers 5 letters AXONS
H. Rider Haggard novel 3 letters SHE
Micro follower 4 letters COSM
Bear in the air? 4 letters URSA
Singer Payne with 1970 hit Band of Gold 5 letters FREDA
Using telephonic transmissions 6 letters FAXING
Choir voice 4 letters ALTO
Forsaken 4 letters LORN
At right angles to a ship’s keel 5 letters ABEAM
Oswald in The Canterbury Tales et al. 6 letters REEVES
Hoedown 9 letters BARNDANCE
Baseball family name 4 letters ALOU
Abnormal respiratory sounds 4 letters RALE
General with a dish 3 letters TSO
Flower part 5 letters SEPAL
Have a home-cooked meal 5 letters EATIN
Hobby shop stock 5 letters BALSA
Emends 5 letters EDITS
British vales 5 letters DENES
Teen woe 4 letters ACNE
Become established as something unwelcome 5 letters SETIN
Bank business 5 letters LOANS
How debits might appear 5 letters INRED
Egg holders 5 letters NESTS
Artwork by whalers 9 letters SCRIMSHAW
Kaput (with for) 4 letters DONE
Start 5 letters ONSET
___ live in… (Beatles tune lyrics) 5 letters WEALL
Acting group 6 letters TROUPE
Dolores Haze 6 letters LOLITA
Occur as a result 5 letters ENSUE
Saharan antelope 5 letters ADDAX
Clod 4 letters BOOR
Auto pilot in Airplane! 4 letters OTTO
Liberty ___ 4 letters BELL
Author of QB VII 4 letters URIS
Mixed bag 4 letters OLIO
Oscar-nominated British actor Leo ___ 4 letters GENN
Soviet fighter aircraft 3 letters MIG
Ave. crossers 3 letters STS


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