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Daily Cryptic Crossword November 12 2022 Answers

Best Daily Cryptic Crossword November 12 2022 Answers:

Small animal with broken leg in mine 6 letters PIGLET
Plans to produce starch 6 letters CHARTS
Mischievous activities for early risers 5 letters LARKS
Instrument making some kaleidoscopic colours 7 letters PICCOLO
Funny film star — fellow getting nothing back 7 letters CHAPLIN
Calm down a striker beginning to explode 5 letters ABATE
Irishmen name passenger ships 9 letters DUBLINERS
Expect a delay 5 letters AWAIT
X defined by the crossword setter – that’s what we hear in bar 7 letters EXCLUDE
Food for stolen animals 7 letters HOTDOGS
Slip back over river for daggers 5 letters DIRKS
Romeo’s terribly gloomy 6 letters MOROSE
On Friday satellite TV is lively 6 letters FRISKY
Course of action for cops mostly unknown 6 letters POLICY
A wreath of flowers for Judy? 7 letters GARLAND
Support for painting from moderate Labour leader 5 letters EASEL
Amount of land set out for the race 7 letters HECTARE
Juan oddly enough after port wine 5 letters RIOJA
Many small kernels 6 letters SCORES
Poor female swan on river steamship 9 letters PENNILESS
He appears in panto but put on weight 7 letters BUTTONS
Agrees with boringly orthodox people 7 letters SQUARES
On the border a month of malicious damage 6 letters MAYHEM
Woolly garment for a cow? 6 letters JERSEY
Current tour without upper-class thespian 5 letters ACTOR
A tree that’s cared about 5 letters CEDAR


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