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Daily American Crossword November 12 2022 Answers

Best Daily American Crossword November 12 2022 Answers:

Find by searching or examining 6 letters LOCATE
Refuge 6 letters ASYLUM
Hooded snake 5 letters COBRA
Without assistance 7 letters UNAIDED
Extend 7 letters STRETCH
Squeeze 5 letters PRESS
Heavy waterproof cover 9 letters TARPAULIN
Early birds 5 letters LARKS
Showing no expression 7 letters DEADPAN
Discard 7 letters CASTOFF
Early part of life 5 letters YOUTH
Cloth used with polish 6 letters DUSTER
Go up 6 letters ASCEND
Destructive migratory insect 6 letters LOCUST
Floor-show 7 letters CABARET
Distinguishing feature 5 letters TRAIT
Surgical knife 7 letters SCALPEL
Gatehouse 5 letters LODGE
Unostentatious 6 letters MODEST
Previously unknown 9 letters UNHEARDOF
Give back 7 letters RESTORE
Roman sea god 7 letters NEPTUNE
Serene unruffled 6 letters PLACID
Without shoes 6 letters UNSHOD
Takes a break 5 letters RESTS
Bottomless gulf 5 letters ABYSS


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